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The past: Memories of Zane and Raph.part two

After Anita becomes Nimir-ra.


He still ached a little, maybe it was just his brain, or maybe it was because Raph knew what he did. Thus the phone call instead of just going over and seeing the rat king. Zane was surprised that Anita could call upon the rats for their help the way they did. He wondered for a moment if Raph had found away to sick Anita on Gabe, no Raph would of told Zane wouldn't he? His fingers played with the phone as he tried to think of what to say. He was going to be yelled at. Which was something he wasn't all that he cared for really. But he dialed the number any ways. “God.. two more rings then I 'll try later..” he mumbled.

Raphael picked up the phone as he glared at the door. Today was turning out to be crap, he had already yelled at two of his subordinate rats and Zane had done something idiotic.. Now he was getting a phone call from some poor soul. “Raphael. What do you want?” He tried to hide the growl in his voice but wasn’t doing to good of a job

“Hello to you too, Boss-man.” He said in a tired voice. Maybe if he sounded submissive then maybe Raphael wouldn't be so hard on him. Then again he was already acting stupid by giving him a call instead of being over there with him.

Raphael took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “Just what the hell were you thinking? No.. you weren’t thinking were you?” He wanted to take Zane over his knee and give the boys ass a few smacks. He paced around his office and was half tempted to go to the boy to beat some common sense into him

“No, I wasn't thinking not about myself. Only the Pard .. Nath was hurt, I had to do something Raph, I had to do it then. If I didn't I could of lost him forever.” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “ But he's fine now.. and she knows that she has to take care of us. “

Raphael sighed and kicked his chair as he made another lap around the room. “You were trying to be a good alpha but do you realize how much trouble you could have gotten yourself into? I know you just wanted to help your kitten but..” He couldn’t say how much it would hurt to lose Zane, he couldn’t admit it to himself or anyone that he loved someone. If you don’t say it then no one can use it against you

“I know.. But she wouldn't come around, she couldn't come around.” He said his voice kind of heated, “She needed to feel as if she owed someone. Now she does.. I found out a lot about her Raph. She take care of him now. What should I care about myself? If I lost him I might as well be dead..”

Raphael full out growled into the phone. “Don’t you dare say that!” At least Anita would take care of the important things in the pard now but, did she know about all their little quirks? “If you get yourself killed I’ll have her raise you and then I’ll kick your ass myself.” Anita probably wouldn’t let him do that but there were other animators in the city willing to take the money.

Zane didn't miss a beat, he just kept talking as the other yelled at him. “But he's not dead, neither am I. Yes, being shot hurt like a fuckin' bitch, but I'm still here. Anita is our Nimir-ra, she will take care of somethings and I will take care of the rest. I doubt we'll find a Nimir-raj who can handle our Pard. She'll need my help.” He said softly. “She wouldn't do that Raph, I studied her a bit. Talked with people. She's got such a name with the fangs, doesn't she?” He still sounded so tired. “And as far as I can tell she's on friendly ground with you, so that means I can come see you when I want. She wont stop, me will she?”

Raphael flopped down in his chair and listened to Zane, its not like the younger man was listening anyways. “I doubt that she will stop you, she will probably shy away from anything that isn’t normal.” Strangely normal had taken on a whole new meaning for Raphael. “Zane.. Do you need to come to my house to unwind some?” He was sure that his house cat needed some comfort and he was willing to give Zane certain types right now.

“Yes, please. I wasn't sure if you'd want me any more.” He said. He wasn't sure if the boss-man would want him after he did something that he knew he shouldn't have. But it was the best way to make sure things would be safe and warm for his Kitten. He needed someone to keep him safe. Anita was in good with Jean Claude as well, which meant that doubt Nath wouldn't lose his job anytime soon. Which was always a worry.

“Of course I’d want you! Who else would make me laugh when I’m grumpy?” At least the others in the pard would be taken care of and he could take care of Zane. It was strange the odd relationship he had with Zane, friends but with the potential for more. “And besides, I cook to much and need someone to help me eat it all.”

“When you cook, I swear Doc Lil brings you food every other day. You might as well marry her you know?” He said with a little laugh, he would of winked if had been there with him. “Shall I come now? Where are you.. at home or the office?” Raph was his angel, just like Gabe had been his devil. Gabriel the fallen angel and Raphael the rising angel. Both saved his life in different ways. With Gabriel gone he could go back to the drugs if he wanted to. He'd try not to but you never know. He already slipped that was why Nath got hurt the way he did.

“Hey! Its not my fault that she likes to play mother to everyone..” Raphael wouldn’t object to the free food because last time he did he got smacked by a kitchen towel. “You can go ahead and head over now, you know where the spare key is. I have a few more things I have to do for the humans at the office and then I’ll be heading home. Maybe I can fake sick and meet you before you steal my TV.” He loved teasing Zane, it was just to easy at times. Although now he really would have to be on the watch for Zane trying to get extra cash.

“Fuckin' hell, I aren't touching that TV, the last time we even tired movin' it hurt my back” He said with a snort. “Now, the jewels that your wife never came back to get.. Maybe those.” He said his voice playful. “That ring, mm, that rock could keep me happy for a long time.” He said with a joke. “I'll met you there, don't take to long. Or I might have to clean the kitchen again and I wont help you find everything again.” He said standing up from his hiding place in the closet.

Raphael laughed and started shoving blueprints into his bag. “You could sell those things to my clients and make more than you could ever get at some dingy pawn shop.” Although he had never told his wife that he had bought some of those jewels at pawn shops, she was just happy to have glittery things. Raphael gasped at the threat. “If you do I’m going to tell Lillian that its your fault that I’m not eating.” That might keep Zane from hiding to much. “I’ll meet you there soon, its time to go fake sick.”

“Damn! You would Rat me out wouldn't you! I'm hurt.. Hurry Raph, we wouldn't want me getting to bored now would we?” He smiled hanging up the phone, it was about time for him to come out of the closet anyways.

After Micah becomes Nimir-raj


Raphael wondered down the rows of the library his fingers traced along the book spines as he enjoyed the smells of glue and paper. It was his weekend off work but that didn’t mean he could rest, no he was here supposedly looking up information on a city for Bobby Lee. Fortunately the smells invaded his mind and lead to his wondering before he went crazy reading about Atlanta.

The Were-cat moved through the stacks looking for the rat. Yes, sniffing him out could have been the easiest thing but he liked hunting with his eyes. It made him feel human. Alright, after five minutes of trying to do it humanish way of hunting he sniffed the air and found his angelic friend reading some book. “Hey, boss-man..”

Raphael clutched at his chest as he spotted the young man. “I must be dreaming.. You in a library without being threatened.. it’s a miracle.” He closed the book and placed it on the table absently as his eye roamed over Zane's body. Something was up but, he had a feeling Zane was going to take a long time to get to the reason for being here. “So what do owe this miraculous feat to?”

“Well, I thought I could get you to act this little sexy fantasy I have, you know me you over a desk. Or me under the desk, you reading and me sucking you...” he said his voice wasn't in it however. Zane wasn't unhappy with what happened, but he wasn't too happy with it either. Because he knew nothing of Micah, all he knew was the man came in fucked his Nimir-ra and was now the Nimir-raj? Zane paced back and froth in front of Rap, his body tense. He had the feeling of a caged animal. He should of tried for the spot, which if this Micah wasn't safe. He smelled alright. His voice was alright, but Zane didn't have good luck with Nimir-raj. Then there was also the little fact Micah might inform Anita that Zane was playing with a rat. So it could end his friendship with Boss-man. He slams his hand into the book case causing a few to fall.

Raphael flinched as Zane punched the book case. It was time to distract his house cat it seemed. “Actually I was thinking that it might be fun to go fast and hard in the dusty stacks..” Perhaps that would make Zane stop to wonder what the hell was going on. Raphael hated it when Zane was hurt or unhappy and when Zane was unhappy Raph would do almost anything to bring his attitude back up.

Zane stopped and looked at Raphael and laughed, “Sorry.. I just.. We have a new Nimir-raj.” He said softly. “I don't know him y et. I am not sure if I am going to like him or anything. He just came in and grabbed Anita and then was.. you know Nimir-raj.. I guess its right.. I.. Er..” He said sitting down.

Raphael grinned. “Are congratulations in order or should he have a little…accident?” It might get him shot but its not like he hadn’t been shot at before. He ran his hand across Zane's and leaned forward. “But how are you doing Zane? How is the rest of the pard taking it?” He knew it was against the rules to interfere with another group but who would ever know about a few little mishaps here and there?

“Everyone seems fine with it. In fact it seems like what the pard needed. I am just not sure if I trust him yet. Because of my kitten, the last Nimir-raj we had was a bit, well you know.” Zane leans into the pets and shakes his head, “No, don't hurt him. Not yet, He might be very good for us.” He whispers. “I'm just scared”

Raphael gave a small nod. “Yes I remember the old one, he was... different. And I know I should be the last one to say this but he might be perfect for you.” Heavens knew that Zane needed a strong alpha to keep him under control. “I wish I could make you un-scared little one.” He got up and hugged Zane, his nose tucked into Zane’s neck.

“If I lose all my scars, I wont be Zane any more Raph, I just wish I could go take Nath and hide until I know for sure that Micah was alright.. You heard about what happened at Narcissus'?” He said softly leaning in so that he could nuzzle at the other were being. “ I mean with Nath?” He said softly, running his hand over Rap's arm.

“I just heard that he was hurt. Even I don’t get all the information all the time Zane.” He knew Nath meant the world to Zane and Zane worried about the kitten all the time. “You would still be Zane, nothing could change that.” Would it be bad if he whisked the two leopards away for a trip to the west coast? He was sure they would love the sun and sand. “Of course I’m sure you are helping take good care of him.”

Zane nodded and kisses Rap's cheek. “Thank you, I mean I don't know what I could do without you. I mean you are always here for me. You take care of me.. Do I do anything for your Raphael? I mean sometimes I think I'm using you.. You wont let me let you use me.. I mean I'm no longer a kid..”

Raphael sat back on his hunches. “You do take care of me, you just take care of me in a different way.” He sighed and looked away. “I want to but don’t want to use you Zane..” Why was it so hard to say that he was afraid of losing the leopard? “I know your no longer a kid and that’s what scares me.”

“Why does it scare you? Do you think I am going to say 'Well, now I don't need The boss-man because I'm a big boy now?' No, I wont do that. You got me through some of the hardest times of my life.” He said sitting down next to the man. “You know almost everything there is to know about me, you do.”

Raphael gave a small shrug. “What scares me is you might be taken away from me, I don’t know if I could go through that.” He nearly didn’t make it through when his son had been taken and Zane was like a second son and a potential lover in one. Damn insecurities kept holding him back from taking what was being offered. Raphael leaned against Zane and sighed. “You’ve helped me too little one, I just don’t know if you knew that.” He gave a small laugh. Alphas weren’t suppose to show fear or worry except for their mates and he didn’t have one right now.

Zane nodded a little, his hand going to Raphael's, “ Then we would have to be very careful, like we've always been.. I mean it's not like I haven't been doing this for years. Nath doesn't even know how close we are.” Which was the hardest thing to do in his life. He hated not telling Nathanael just how close he had gotten to the rat king. Zane maybe a lot of things but he wasn't a lair.

Raphael gave Zane’s hand a small squeeze. “I know its killing you not to tell your kitten but…” How could he say that he was worried that his rodere and Anita would have a cow not to mention this new unknown Nimir-raj. Sometimes being an alpha, especially a king, was harder than his human job. “Is there anything I can do to help out? You know I’d do almost anything.”

Zane shock his head, “No, right now we just need to see what he's like. The others are really quiet, scary quiet, it kind of reminds me of the bad days when Gabe was still alive. I think thats why I'm so fuckin' jumpy. But Micah acts almost the same as his pard, so I am not sure what to think..”

Raphael sighed and tilted his head back. “Maybe this Micah inherited a messed up pard recently? There is always some dysfunction after a new leader comes into power, sometimes it like what happened with the wolves and sometimes everyone tucks their tails trying not to be a target for anger.” Should he ship a few bodyguards to look out for Anita and the pard? Zane’s kitten should be safe as long as he is in the hospital but the rest might need protecting. “Do you think I need to force Anita’s hand on the guard thing? That woman is stubborn…”

“I think you should, I think she needs it. I just wish she'd go furry, wolf or Leopard, it would make life so much easier.” He said looking at Raph closely. “She needs someone with her. I don't think she'll like it,but if she dies then who the fuck knows what will happen to us. Have you heard from any of the hyenas? I haven't spoken to them in a while. I am starting to get worried.”

Raphael raised his eyebrow and teased. “I could turn her into a rat then all you kitties can chase her and the wolves can chase you. One big happy family.” He thought back on the last time he had heard for Narcissus or any of the rodere had gone to the club, it had been a few weeks and that in its self was forbidding. “I think I’ll send those bodyguards over within the next hour..” Wouldn’t want Anita going and getting herself killed and having the pard up for grabs again.

“Ha, I am sure I would just love eating her.” He smirked. “No, it's okay and yeah, send Bobby Ray, no one can say no to that man. “ He said leaning forward so that his forehead rested lightly upon the Rat king's shoulder. “Then if you send your bodyguards, I could get messages to you through Bobby Ray.”

Raphael wrinkled his nose, “I so could have done without that mental image!” Well, well. It seemed Zane was being smart and devious to boot. “I do think that can be arranged little one, I’ll even tell him to lay on the charm, females cant resist that trick. It might even get Anita to agree to other things too.” It was ironic that the southerners in St. Louis got turned into rats when they could be sneaky like rats. Raphael chuckled. “Just no messages about you wanting to do me on my desk at work.”

“Okay I'll only ask questions about your meat.” He said with a smirk, “And send messages about how I would love to taste it.” Zane said with a soft laugh. “Yeah, and Anita is female, at least she smells like one. Just tell him not to push to hard. I am not sure what she'll say. But she needs them just like when need her.” He puts his hands on Rap's lap just resting his hands on his legs.

Raphael gave a small glare to Zane. “You ask about my meat and you will end up chopped up in my freezer.” His gaze flickered down to Zane's hands and he shifted slightly trying to keep certain parts hidden. “He knows how far to go so I’ll trust him on that. And if you aren't careful he might find a ball gag to use on you.”

“Promise?” He asked a joke in his voice, “I mean I am sure there something use that can be used to gag me.” He ran his hands up Rap's legs, knowing very well no one could see them, he lets his fingers blushed over the other's sex. “That is if someone was up to it,” he said with a fake pout.

Raphael slapped Zane’s hands away. “Sorry that I'm not an exhibitionist Zane so no kinkiness while were here.” He’d let the leopard think he had a chance in bed soon, maybe that would make the hand go away. He shifted again and gulped. “You should know I have no problems with the up part..”

Zane snorts, "Yes, getting up is fine but finishing it all through is another thing all together." He cups the other's cock once before sitting back, posing as if to say he was an exhibitionist and would be very happy to let Raph fuck him right here right now. "We'll get to that stage, I still have loads of money I need to work off with you." He said with a smirk winking at the boss-man, "And I don't mean cleaning your house."

Raphael play pouted, “But you’re the best maid I ever hired.” At least the touching had stopped for now and he could think a bit more clearly. “Work off with me what ever do you mean?” Maybe if he played the clueless innocent Zane would take pity on him. At the very least it was getting the leopard’s mind off of his troubles.

Zane smirked, "Well, I do mean me on my back, knees, or belly while I give you what ever pleasure your sick twisted little heart can think of, of the sexual kind. I am not much of maid, you can never find anything when I get done." He laughs and puts his right leg over his left, "Or maybe I should give you a show. That would mean you wouldn't have to touch me or me touch you.. Maybe thats what you'd like.." He said running a hand down his chest into his lap. "

Raphael’s eyes followed Zane’s hand along its path and shifted again. Why did he wear these pair of jeans today? “I.. Would that be a good idea?” He’d probably jump Zane as soon as the poor boy started to take off his pants. Raphael’s beast perked up at the thought of claiming Zane as its own in more ways than one and he had to push it down. In truth he had no clue what the human part of him would like but he knew what his beast would enjoy doing.

Zane smirked, his hand going to his cock hidden by his own jeans. he spread his legs. Luckily they were in the back of the library on a week day. No one was going to come back here. "Maybe.." He said as he slowly unzips himself. It sounded so loud, he whimpers as he slips hand into his pants.

Raphael’s eyes grew wide. Zane shouldn’t be doing that, he really shouldn’t. “Bad kitty.” It was about time for him to give into Zane’s wants after how many years was it now? “Fine. If you behave long enough for us to get home then I might let you put on a show..” Then again there was rope and duct tape at his house and he could always tie his house cat up.

Zane nods and puts himself back in his pants. "I'll even make you pop corn." He said standing up waiting for Raph to follow him. He licks his lips, he wanted this. Because he knew that it would be a very good idea to connect with Raph this way. And there was always that little shadow of it between them. He didn't want to lose the man but he wanted to be close more so.

Raphael stood and grabbed his bag. “Extra butter on it and everything?” He licked his lips at the thought of salty, melting goodness. He placed his hand on Zane's back and nudged the leopard to his car. This would be an adventure that Raphael wanted to do slow and right. “Who knows, I might even let you have some cream.” He couldn’t help teasing Zane.

Purr, Scream, Hiss, and Moan.

(Warning M/M sex, NC-17.)

He has been in Raphael's bed before, however it was never like this, never with a hard cock pressed to his hard cock. The were-rat King was above him, looking at him. And Zane? Well, he was wondering now that he was finely getting what he always wanted if it was what he really wanted.. No, it wasn't that he didn't desire the Boss-man, it was that he was scared that everything would change.

However when they both moved just a little and Zane reached up and kissed the other's lips he knew that everything would be fine. His hands were every where, he couldn't remember having a hard time to pick where touch before, yet here he was with the scared little virgin act on full power and unlike before when he did this to please a john or some stupid top, he wasn't try to. “Raphael.” He whispered his lips inches from the other's.

Raphael leaned close and nuzzled the man trapped beneath him. This was new territory for him and he wanted to take it slow, it wouldn’t be good rushing things and scaring Zane and himself. He traced his fingertips down Zane's shoulder towards his nipples. This felt so right and so wrong at the same time. Zane was like his son but, he was so much more too.. Raphael’s beast perked up at the thought of controlling this boy, the idea that it could finally be free of holding back was to appetizing for it to sit back and watch.

Every little touch from the other felt like fire, maybe it was the head under his own skin being called up by Raphael. He leaned up and pressed a kiss a long the other's neck. His nose taking in his sent. It was a mixture of himself, the world, but under it all was Raphael. The sweat was dripping along the smooth un-scared skin. Zane ran his tongue along the sweat tasting him. He slip his hand between their bodies, his fingers moved around both of their cocks. “Mm, I always knew you were big..” He whispered his voice caked with lust.

Raphael moaned and shuddered at Zane's touch. “I’m not that big..” He lowered his head down and nibbled at Zane's shoulder. The leopard tasted so sweet, like fresh baked bread. He thrust his hips slightly with a smirk. Oh topping Zane would be a pleasure. He grabbed Zane's hands and pinned them to the bed. “See what being a curious cat get you?”

"I get killed? You know all of those small deaths.." He laughs softly, "Are you going to kill this cat Raph?" His voice was dripping from lust, they had been leading up to this point for a very long time. He trusts his hips up towards Raphael, his eyes burning with lust.

Raphael chuckled as he slid his body along Zane's. “Theres more than one way to skin a cat and I plan to try at least a few before the night is over with.” He straddled Zane's legs and slowly ran and hand along the cats cock. “I’ll only kill you if you’re a good boy.” He licked his lips at the thought of enjoying his cat.

Zane hissed with pleasure as the rat king touched him, it was like he was going to burn up by just listening to the older man talk. Maybe it was because they had waited so long, so very long to be in bed like this. He was sure that if they had done this sooner it might not have been right. It might of been rushed might of been not as heated as it was now. He tilts his head up wanting to see what Raph is doing but not wanting to move to much.

Raphael kept up his slow pace on Zane's member and he leaned forward to bite at the cats shoulder. It felt so right to take control of this situation, to bring Zane pleasure. He laid a soft kiss on Zane's nose as their hips rubbed together. With a small smile Raphael speed up the pace of his hand

Zane screamed in pleasure as he was bitten, his cock going harder. Raph was so very wicked, he knew every little spot on the cat because of those long talks and playing around. He took a deep breath, "Raph .. I want.." He wasn't sure if he should say anything or just feel. "I.. Oh.. god.."

Raphael chuckled and slid down to lick at Zane's cock. He would tease the leopard a bit more before giving up the reins to this particular adventure. “Tell me what you want little one…” He could very well guess what Zane wanted but it was still nice to hear him say it. “I’m not God little one, just a very wicked angel” He pressed his nails into Zane's thighs and nibbled at the cats hip

Raphael’s eyes glittered as he grabbed the lube and rubbed some on his cock. “As you wish..” He lifted Zane’s legs up and slipped the head of his cock into Zane. He didn’t want to hurt the boy but he wanted this so bad that he was shaking as he held himself back

Zane moved his legs so that the other could get inside of him, "I don't need much.." He didn't, he was used to being taken hard and fast, to feeling the pain. But he would not stop Raphael from using the lub. No, because it meant the other man cared not to hurt him.

Raphael kissed Zane, tongue sliding along hips bottom lip. With a rumbling purr of appreciation he pushed deep inside of Zane and started to slowly thrust. He wanted the other man to enjoy this too.. His hand took up rubbing at Zane's cock once more.

Now, he was very sure that there were points in your life that mean things, that you wait for your whole life for them to happen, that when they happen they either fuckin' suck, or change your life forever. This seemed to be a change life your life forever thing. Not, that it meant it was good or bad. Just that it was happening, well, fuck, it was good as it happened. The way Rap touched him, the way the king of the were rats looked down at him with those eyes of his. Yes, this meant something. He runs his hands over the smooth skin that was the other's back before biting back a moan and letting his nails cut into his back. Zane wasn't sure why but it was moment like this that his mind would go clear and he would see things perfectly well.

The moments of clear mind didn't happen very offend, but here it was in the middle of getting fucked by this man he's knew for so long. He groans trusting his hips up, it felt good, better then good, to finely be touched. He leans up kissing the were rat's lips.

Raphael moaned low and deep into the kiss that Zane was giving him that tore at his soul. He had once kissed another this way but he thought he had lost that forever and here it was in front of him again. He squeezed at Zane’s cock as he slammed into the leopard. This was real, this was the way he wanted to mate with another. Raphael kissed along Zane’s jaw as he whispered to the man beneath him. “God Zane.. Your so perfect”

Perfect? No, he wasn't perfect he just the way the were rat wanted him to be, which made him smile into the kiss. Holding the were rat closer to him demanding everything that Raphael could give him. Yes, this is how it was suppose to feel to be taken, to be used, to give pleasure to someone you loved. Who most likely cared a great deal for you, yes, this is how it was suppose to be. “Harder,” Zane whispered, his tongue moving a long Raphael's lip, his teeth nipping at the soft skin. Not hard enough to break the skin, never hard enough to harm.

Raphael grinned as he put pressure on Zane’s wrists pinning the arms to the bed. The boy wanted it harder and who was he to deny his lover’s wishes? With a small growl Raphael increased his tempo to where he was slamming his whole length into Zane. This was the most euphoric feeling, to take all the pleasure you wanted and need from a willing partner and have the give even more. At a fast pace the he wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer though, he would soon crash into the blissful orgasm awaiting him. Raphael only hoped that Zane was taking pleasure from this coupling too.

He closed his eyes, he could see stars, see the pleasure that Raphael was giving him, was taking from him. His arms pressed down into the mattress, “So.. fuckin' good..” He mumbled his eyes coming open again, his body was trusting back, moving back taking Rap all the way in and holding him there. His orgasm was fast coming on to him, his body was starting to shake, starting get so very warm. He wanted to hold out just a little longer, just until he felt the rat empty himself inside this cat.

Raphael shuddered at Zane’s words and bit down on the cat’s neck and his own body started to tighten. All this was to much of a sensation overload for Raphael to hold off and give Zane more pain and pleasure. With a muffled scream Raphael emptied himself deep inside of Zane, his hips thrusting as he tried to milk every last drop. He tightened his grip on Zane’s wrist as he looked down at the man under him, he wanted Zane to cum for him because of the things he had done to Zane.

Zane held back tears, for there shouldn't be any. He screamed as he came, his body twisted up once Raphael's bitten him, The pleasure was blinding his eyes closed tight again, his nails biting into his own palms, he bloodied them, from holding back just that small part of himself, he felt bad but he couldn't give Raphael everything because Raphael could never be fully his. They both knew that, but still large chunks of him was given, taken, always there to be seen. “Raphael..” He whispered as the pleasure ate him whole.

Raphael chuckled as he gently rolled them so that Zane was on top. He slid his hands along Zane’s side enjoying the sight of another mounted on him enjoying what little pleasure he could give for a small amount of time. Raphael ran his thumb against Zane's lips and sighed in pleasure. “Did you enjoy that Zane? Did I help you?” He was sure he had helped calm the need inside Zane for just a little while, if nothing else that was all he could do.

The Question.


It hadn’t been that long since the monster that called itself Alec had died, only 3 days if Raphael’s calendar wasn’t lying to him. It seem like longer had passed since then and Raphael was ready for the next big step in his life, getting a housemate. He had the perfect person in mind and that person was sitting on his couch in the form of Zane. Raphael let out a small sigh as he tried to word his thoughts correctly. “Zane I want to ask you something and I need you to be completely honest.” Both of their happiness was riding on one little question.

Zane titled his head up from the book he was reading, it was just some silly romance novel, something that he stolen from Lils. “Hm?” he asked at first when he heard his name. He leaned back then, what was Rap going to ask him? Oh, God did he forget to do something? Or did he do something bad? “I can be honest.” He said with a small Zaney smile, “Why couldn't I be?”

Raphael shifted his gaze from the carpet to meet Zane’s. “Because you wouldn’t want to hurt me?” He bit his lip at Zane’s smile. “Zane… I’m wanting someone to move in with me, he’s really special to me and has been friends with me since he was a boy.” He flopped down in his armchair and stared at his feet. “Will you move in?”

“Like live here all the time?” Raph wanted him to live here? He tilted his head, very cat like, and studied the rat before him. He liked the idea, it wasn't like he didn't spend half of his time here and half at Anita's.. When did he even sleep at his place? When he was drugging out. He licked his lips then nodded once, “Yeah.. I'd like that.. We could live together..”

His head shot up, a big smile on his face. This would be wonderful, it would help keep the cat out of trouble and it would give Raphael something to do besides play war games on the Xbox. “Good. We can get you moved in as soon as we redecorate your new room.” After that who knew what they could do together but, getting Zane a job would be top on the list.

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