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The past: Memories of Zane and Raph.part one.

Characters: Zane and Raphael
Summary: Different points in their lives where they have been together.
Rating: pg to nc-17

Rat and Cat Games.


Zane had been picked up and dropped off rather fast. It was a bit upsetting because he'd rather of had the other male stay. He had done things for the other male before. While he did like to hurt Zane a little he knew he wouldn't be to bad with someone he knew. Now, he was standing out side this strange house wearing only his tight jeans, his shirt and coat in his hand. He leans over on the wall and rings the door ball. He was trying to look sexual, trying to look like he was the best fuck there was around. He was. He knew he was, he could make a man come faster then any whore down town. He needed the money this would bring. He already got the first half and would get the last half afterwards. The man would come back in four hours, either Zane would be here or waiting for him where they said. The door bell was rang, Zane just wondered who would answer the door.

Raphael hauled himself off of the couch at the doorbell with a small grumble. He hadn’t been expecting anyone today so he had only slipped on a pair of faded jeans and he wasn’t about to put on anything else as he moved towards the door. With a quick glance outside he unlocked and opened the door to find a boy standing.. no leaning on his house. “Can I help you?” Would it be to cruel to turn the sprinklers on this stranger?

“No, I am here to help you..” Zane said pushing his way inside. He takes the door from the other and closes it turning to nearly throw himself at Raphael, he kisses the other's lips. “I am a gift to you, I am your's.” He said with a smirk, his fingers blushing over the other's hair. “How do you want me?”

Sputtering Raphael gave the boy a gentle push. Only a human would be so brash and stupid as jump on a lycanthrope. And the smell that was on this young one…it was of one of his people… “For starters not trying to molest me.” Raphael nudged Zane towards the couch with a small glare. “Now sit down and please explain this.. gift.” Should he offer to get the young man something to drink or eat? The boy certainly looked like he needed both.

The teenager moved over to the couch and sat on it, if you call it sitting he was more laying. He smirks, “I'm the gifted, you get to use me any way your wicked mind can come up with.” He said smirking at him, “I'll do almost anything, as long as it doesn't leave scars. I need to stay scar free.” He starts to unzip his pants and push them off.

Raphael held up a hand. “Alright junior, the pants stay on.” This was going to be an interesting few hours until he could get rid of this boy. “I think I have a few things that I need done and all of them require you wearing clothes.” He smirked and motioned Zane to follow as he moved into the kitchen. Oh his little thoughtful were rat would be punished later but right now he could use an extra set of hands to get things done. “I can at least promise that you wont get any scars from me.”

“The name is Zaney or what ever you want it to be.” He said as he stood up and followed the rat king about. He did look around the house for things he could 'borrow' from the other guy. Things that might bring him and Nat some money. The other didn't look that good heath wise and it was Zane's job to make sure that he stayed safe and healthy. That was the whole reason why he agreed to this job.

“Alright Zaney, sit your butt down.” Raphael nodded his head to the oak dining table as he rummaged around in the fridge for something that looked edible. With a small cry of delight he pulled out a plate of lasagna and set it on to heat. Raphael turned to look at the boy and leaned casually against the counter. “Now what exactly is a boy your age doing propositioning adults when he should be terrorizing little old ladies down at the market or playing video games?” The microwave dinged and Raphael broke eye contact to retrieve the food and a fork for Zane to use.

Zane's mouth water a little at the food but he knew better then to look happy about or lustful. Weakness was something that wouldn't be forgotten. He could sit there the whole time and not eat a bit of the food. “I don't own any games and I need to make money some how. I need to put food on the table.” Not to mention little treats that cost money that kept himself and his kitten sane. There was also the fact he had to take care of his kitten. “Hey, little old ladies love me.. They tell me I'm cute..” While he was picking their pockets not that they knew. He only did that to the rich ones that wonder down the wrong street. It wasn't like he hurt them either he took them out the block and but kept something for it.

Raphael held back a snort at the mention of this one being cute. Were those women blind not to see the hard edges of reality that so many covered up? “Cute or not you best eat up while you can. You’ll need the strength later on.” He smirked at the thought of this boy being the one to clean the gutters instead of himself. His eyes glazed over slightly at the memory of how many times he had been nagged to do that little chore. Raphael visibly shook himself out of that train of thoughts, no use contemplating what he couldn’t change. “How about I add an extra half of your current fees to it if you come back next week? My … friend will pay you of course.” Oh that little bit was just one of the many ways his thoughtful little rat would be punished.

Zane took the food then and ate quickly, so used that its best to eat as quickly as you can so that no one else can take it. This meant he would only have to buy food for Nath, which would be good. Which meant that he could get him something big to eat. Maybe even some beer or something. Maybe this meant that Nath wouldn't have to go out later. Zane wanted to be the one to take care of him. “Sure, what ever you want.” He was getting 100 from the guy, he wonder how much more there would be. “50 then?”

Raphael gave a small smile, 100 for a few hours entertaining some old guy… This boy definitely deserved much better. “Yeah, 50. If my friend argues tell him he should call me.” He whisked away the plate once there was no more food on it and walked out the back door. “Come on kid and get your skinny ass out here and to cleaning my gutters.” Maybe now he would be able to get that gazebo he always wanted built. Raphael didn’t really care if the kid used up all his time here doing one task, as long as he didn’t have to climb up that damn ladder.

Zane stood up wondering what the fuck the old guy really wanted. He saw some really lovely looking watch and noted it. He wouldn't take anything just yet, no he wanted to be able to come back. Well, after he saw just what the old guy thought was fun. He step out side and looked at him. “What now?”

Raphael sighed and pointed to the ladder up against the side of the house. “The gutters, they need cleaning and you look able bodied enough to do it.” Really.. was today’s youth just dumb or hard of hearing? “Please tell me that your smarter than you look or else I wont have need of you next week.” He shook his head slightly and picked up a can of spray paint before walking off a little ways to survey the yard.

Zane looked at him and then the roof then started laughing and moved over towards where he was suppose to go. “You know the last time someone said that I had my tongue up their ass for an hour, so it's not like I knew what you meant.” So this old fart wanted chores. Maybe he would get off on Zane working or maybe he couldn't get it up. Gees, fifty dollars for this? This would be easy compared to what he was used to doing. Zane went up the ladder slowly as if it was the first time he's been on one.

Raphael rolled his eyes and muttered to himself. “Glad to know that you find all this amusing as hell.” He really wanted to turn the sprinklers on this man, maybe it would was all the filth from Zane’s mind. Well that was questionable seeing what Zane did for a living. “Just so you know I’m not like your regular perverted customers.” Raphael laughed as he picked up a rock and threw it over the tree line, he had actually never said a truer statement. He turned his back on Zane and set to work marking the outlines for the gazebo’s foundation. Thank goodness he had good enough hearing to keep track of the young man without actually watching him.

It wasn't all that hard, if you didn't count the fact that Zane wasn't used to such work and never do anything like this before, before long he figure out that going on the roof would be a heck of a lot easier then staying on the ladder. He quickly trusted his hands in the dead leaves and what ever else was in the gutters. After an hour of this his back hurt just a bit but he just sat for a moment before going back to work. It was done in a hour and a half. Zane looked down at his muddy and most likely sightly bloody hands, what the hell did this guy have in here. Zane went back the ladder, going down tilt the last five which he just jumped down. He walked to where the horse was and sprayed his hands then took it up the ladder to let the water wash out the rest. “Okay, Boss-Man, what's next?”

Raphael looked up at Zane from his musing and motioned the boy over. He pointed to the spray painted lines on the grass as he flopped down in the shade of a near by tree. “Think that’s a good shape? I’ve never really built a gazebo before but it cant be to hard..” He shrugged to himself. He had no what to do with the boy now besides lay around in the shade and talk about building designs. Maybe that might bore the poor boy to death

“Well, if you ask me it looks a bit like shit, I mean if you want it loop sided.” Zane smirked and ducked just in case.

A Month Later.


Zane didn't show it the past two days, he couldn't, not after meeting with Gabe, not after being turned and having had watched Gabe turn Nathanael. Hell, Zane wasn't even sure if he could show up to day. He never told the Boss-Man that he would show up everyday, only when he could. The only reason why Zane went out now was to clear his head. It was to hot and everything smelled to much or was to loud. It was peaceful working for the Boss-Man.

Zane couldn't even remember if the other had given him his name. Zane knocked on the door and wondered if he should just see if it was open. The knock was weaker then Zane's normal one, Zane frowned and shock himself. Pose. Yeah, there. At least he wouldn't look like a string out whore. No, those days were over if Gabe had his way about it. None of this mattered, because he didn't matter only his kitten mattered.

Raphael barely registered the knock on his door from where he was in his little office. He peeked out the window and smiled at the sight of his favorite little worker. Raphael usher the boy into the house, his hand on Zane’s shoulder as he caught a new scent. What in the world were the were leopards doing with this boy to get their scent all over him? “Zane.. How are you?” He would try the gentle approach first, no need to scare the boy, intimidation would be a last resort. Raphael nudged the boy into the warm kitchen and fetched some of the leftover hot dogs that were in his fridge.

“Just peachy,” Raph smelled odd, something different. Everyone had their own smells, Zane was barely in the playful mode he normally met the other with. He took his seat in the kitchen, his hand going over his face. This was worse then coming off the drugs, maybe that was what it was. He was coming down and being all twisted inside at the same time. Gabriel said that he would feel like this, he said that it would work out all fine. That was if Zane stayed in the house, he had been in Gabe's house for the past two days, he needed out. That was why he was here. Plus he needed to start working to pay Gabe back for all the food and money he was sending on Nathanael and himself.

Raphael suppressed a snort and shoved the food at Zane. “Real funny, you don’t look to well.” He knelt beside the boy and sniffed again. Were leopards, Gabe, and someone he couldn’t identify all clung to Zane. He leaned gently against the boy and rubbed at Zane’s back. “What have you done since you were last here? Did someone slip you something?” Raphael hoped the boy hadn’t been drugged, it wouldn’t look to good taking a doped up boy to the ER or Lillian.

As Raphael came closer Zane blinked, he felt the beast inside of himself then, it jumped at the closeness of the other. “Oh, God.. you're..” Was Raphael like Gabe? But he smelled different. Not like the other cats that lurked around Gabriel's place. Not like Nathanael's new smell. Zane leaned back on the car not even touching the food at first but then a hand sneaks out and grabs one of the hot dogs from the buns and pushes it into his mouth. How different things tasted now, it was like he could taste all the different things that went into the hot dog. He was being idiot. The moment he at the hot dog he felt a little better, but still he was worried about just what the Boss-Man was.

Raphael looked at Zane with innocent yet curious eyes. “I’m what Zane?” He almost laughed at the poor boy nearly jumping out of his skin. He was willing to bet half of his salary that Zane hadn’t been told half of what to expect now that he was turned furry. Raphael’s beast twitched it’s whiskers at Zane’s new scent and carefully watched the boy. Zane was still new, Raphael was sure of this, and if Raphael was right about him being a leopard then he just might be seen as a leopard snack. He slid into the chair across from Zane and leaned back. “Tell me what you know of what you are now.”

“I'm a beast,” He wanted to say monster but he wasn't going to say that to Raphael who might think that this was a good thing. Fuck, it was a good thing for Nath, “I'm a were-leopard, you aren't.. You're something else.. what are you?” He asked running a hand thought his bright pink hair. He did this so that he could stay with with his kitten and so that his kitten would stay healthy. He was sick before, sick and it wasn't a good thing. No, he would of lost him if it wasn't for Gabriel.

Raphael chuckled and shook his head slowly. The new ones were always interesting to watch in their first few months. “A beast is one way of putting it, although I think the PC term is lycanthrope.” He rolled his eyes and fetched both of them some coffee. He never really liked all the new politically correct terms, he much preferred adding a little spice to things. “No.. I’m a were-rat.” He spared a glance at Zane watching the young man’s reaction. Oh he wouldn’t tell Zane how far up the totem pole he was quite yet, no need to have the boy peeing his pants.

Zane nodded and took the coffee. “He's going to be able to smell isn't he? I couldn't not come again, I told you I'd show.. And..” He stopped, he was acting like a child. He stiffens his back and takes a big drink of the coffee with out blinking. “How long have you been a were-rat?” Raphael never tired to eat him every time he came here. No, Raphael had always been nice, in his short of way. Then again Zane had been a pain in the ass to be around sometimes. He knew he was when he was coming down. Hell, he should of never showed up that day he nearly broke anything he got his hands on.

Yet, he showed up because he gave his word and they needed the money. Most of the money went towards getting stuff for Nath. But now? Now he didn't have to worry about his kitten being sick. There were new worries like what the other monsters were like, how did he keep Nath safe in this world?

Raphael glanced away with a sigh. “I’ll try not to lie to you. He will smell a rat on you but you can just tell him it was one of your clients… There’s no lie in that statement to get you in trouble.” Raphael drained his cup as he thought back on the years of his double life, sometimes he forgot when exactly he had been changed. “I’ve been a were-rat for maybe eight years now. It isn’t so bad once you learn how to control things.” He glanced into Zane’s eyes and smiled. “Now your faster and stronger, the only downside is you have to eat more and turn furry at least once a month.”

“OH, thats why I feel like shit.” Zane said with a sigh. He should of listened to Gabe, should of ate more. He wasn't used to eating and had been to busy trying to make sure that Nath was cool. Zane swifts in his seat taking another mouthful of coffee. “I don't think I am going to be able to come back after today. I don't know if he'll let me. He's rather all about the control. Shit, it's a bit hard to get used to. I've always been the one in control of myself. Of everything.”

Once the coffee was done Zane pushed the cup away from his fingers. “This need to tear everything up, will end right?I feel like I should be going out looking for a fight.. or just screaming my fuckin' head off.” He snorts. “They all look like numy little treats in the candy shop. Not that I am shopping around or anything.”

Raphael snorted, his hand came up to cover his mouth. “We all feel like shit sometimes, you just learn to ignore it and keep on going. Well, mostly.” He remembered the feeling of wanting it eat every human in sight, sometimes he still wanted to eat the annoying ones. But the claim that he was helping the gene pool wouldn’t stand up in court no matter how pricey the lawyer. “It wont end but it will lessen. You will only feel the need to rip things apart when its closer to the full moon and the only way to stop from eating humans is to channel the energy into something else.” If Gabe ruined this one he would be looking forward to having were-leopard at his next barbecue. He cared for Zane to much to let this, friendship he would attentively call it, to end without a fight.

“If your alpha doesn’t let you come back but lets you work the streets I’ll know where to find you little one. We can always talk some place else.” After all Gabe was probably dumb enough only to forbid going to a place not seeing a person.

“We could met on the streets.. but wouldn't you worry that someone might see.. Hey, Boss-man, what's your name?” He asked, “I don't think I ever asked you..” He felt odd for never asking. But Zane wasn't used to trading names. He never looked around for Raph's name because he was suppose to be like an Angel. Angels are always nameless.

“Raphael.” He laughed, would Zane connect him to the angel or the TV show turtle… Either one would be funny seeing how he didn’t think he fit either description. “Although I like Boss-man, at least it makes me feel like someone is respecting me without threats.” Raphael winked at Zane and leaned back in his chair. “I really doubt anyone would see me or care if they did if I went to find you on the streets.”

“Raphael, eh?” he smiled, he did have an angel. That meant he had to angels in his life, not that he was to sure if Gabriel should be called angel, but this one, Raphael was named rightly. “Like that turtle right?” It was better to make jokes then truly show how he really felt. Zane swifted in his seat taking a bite out of the hot dog bun in front of him. He really did feel like he should eat some more.

Raphael smirked. “Just like the turtle, even got taught by my own Splinter too.” He tilted his head to watch Zane closer. “I’m assuming you know how to use a fridge and microwave right? Well help yourself to everything except my T-bone steaks.” What was he going to do with this boy? Slapping him upside the head would make Raphael feel better but it wouldn’t help things out to much.

“Oh, I know how to cook kinda, just don't always do it.. I get too bored and I haven't always had a chance to do it. Its kinda hard to tone your skills when you're living on the streets.” He stood up and went to the fridge looking at it then opening it. He grabs some already cooked meat and other fixings for a sandwiches. “Do you want something?” He asked as he eyed the milk. It looked fresh. He took it with him towards the table as well. He looked around only to spot the bread stored on the counter top. Once he had a butter knife and the bread he went back to the table to sit across from the Angelic turtle rat. “You know I always thought Splinter rocked.. And always kinda wondered why he never kicked the turtles butt for messing up like they tended too..”

Raphael propped his feet up in the spare chair as he watched Zane move about the kitchen. “I’m fine, I have to go out to a business dinner later and its impolite not to eat as far as these people are concerned.” Maybe he could try teaching this boy how to cook but the most Raphael knew how to do was simple stuff and grilling. “Splinter never kicked their asses for two reasons. One, he thought they deserved a second chance even if it did turn into five million chances. Two, kicking a turtle shell would have hurt him worse than the damn turtle.” It seemed logical enough, at least to him.

Zane thought about it for a moment then nodded. “That Rat kicks ass.” He said with a smirk, he filled his coffee mug with milk and holds it to his nose just making sure it was good. He then opens his mouth and takes a large drink of the milk. He looked like he would start purring any moment, he drank the milk with out even taking a breath, his eyes closed in pleasure. He puts the mug down then goes about making his sandwich. He licked his lips removing the milk from the upper one before he said, “What time is your dinner? I need to head back in a half hour.. so that I'm there before he gets home.. I don't want to leave my kitten alone for to long either..”

“The dinner is in two hours, I have plenty of time to kill.” Raphael leaned forward, a small smile graced his lips. “I don’t know if Gabe told you this yet but one of the were-rats runs a hospital type thing.. If you ever need help just sniff out a rat and ask to be taken there.” He leaned back in the chair once more. At least telling Zane that might help the boy and his kitten, who ever that was, and it lifted some weight off of Raphael’s shoulders. “If you want you can finish the milk,” he laughed “your already living up to the cat in you.”

“I've always liked milk, it's always been kinda treat you know? I mean you can't going around carrying milk with you because it just goes bad. He does pour more milk into his mug then he goes about taking a large bite of his food. “I'll remember that, for the kitten.” He said looking down. “I should go a little earlier that way I can smell like sex.. You know, that way he thinks I was with someone. Maybe just some human to cover up the smell of you.”

Raphael hid a grin at the irony of someone who loved a cat treat getting turned into a cat. “Do you really think it is wise for you to be looking for a normal John unsupervised? Should I call my benefactor to … entertain you safely?” It wouldn’t do to have a dead human on the streets, the police would be all over the city looking for revenge. “I would give you my card but that wouldn’t be safe to do right now.” He shook his head, stupid lycanthrope politics.

Zane nodded, “I would be entertaining them, Raphael, that might be a good idea. I got some money I can say is from the job.” He said finishing off the food. “Gabe was going to bring someone home today. I am not sure who it was.” He tilted his head looking around the place. He was going to miss coming here, he knew that something might come in the way of this place. His little safe haven, he should of shared it with Nath, but he was to busy trying to keep the younger male safe to think of it. Maybe things would of went differently if he had.

Raphael slid his hand along Zane’s arm in a comforting gesture. “I have no idea when those rats became so perverted. It makes me proud and sad at the same time.” He tilted his head, his hand rubbed at his chin. “Just be careful and no smart mouthing. Things are much different for you now Zaney.” He pulled out his cell phone and dialed his ever so thoughtful rat to come pick up the boy. Oh how he hoped that Zane would grace his house with these small little conversations in the future.

The night that Gabriel died.


It was two in the fucking morning but it didn't matter, no Zane needed Raphael, he needed him now. Gabe was dead. Gabe was fucking dead! What was Zane going to do? He was the only person who could take control over the other cats, but he wasn't up to the job. He banged on the door not even bothering with making a prose. NO, he needed help. His eyes close tight as he tires to steady his beast. How was he going to look after everyone? He could just take his kitten and leave. .But he couldn't leave the pard, he couldn't..

Raphael opened the door in only his boxers and rubbed at his eyes. “Zane? What are you doing here at.. What time is it?” He had been having the most wonderful dream about beautiful women and spotted fur when the owner of that fur turned up on his doorstep. Something had to be wrong, no one came to him this early with happy news.

“He's dead, Gabriel's dead!” Even as he said the words he wonder if he should of gone to Narcissus first to tell the Oba that Nimir-raj was dead and would not be able to make their meeting in the morning. But still here he found himself on Raphael's door step again, their friendship had kept secret from Gabe, kept hidden just in cause. “What am I going to do?” He almost sobbed.

Raphael nudged Zane into his bedroom, his hands rubbed at the you mans shoulders. “Your going to tell me everything nice and slow. How did he die?” If Gabe was dead then what they did depended on how he died, then there was the matter of tying up loose ends that the demented Nimir-raj left. “Are the rest of the leopards safe for now?”

“Yes, I wouldn't of came here if they weren't, I would never leave them in danger.. Anita Blake happened!” Zane said his voice sounding as torn as he was. A) Anita Blake killed the evil Wolf-Bitch Queen, so that freed his pard of her control, which meant no more movies, no more hard games. B) Anita Blake killed Gabe which meant they were all free. C) Anita Blake killed their Nimir-raj which meant they weren't safe and someone had to take up command for the pard. Which Zane was most likely to be the one to do that. “She killed the Bitch too.. They're both dead.. “

Raphael flopped onto the bed and groaned. “So she killed both of them? Congrats, you have a new alpha if she wants to take over otherwise..” he couldn’t say those words. The were-leopards would be free for whoever claimed them and there were some groups who would use the leopards screwing them up worse. “Has Ms. Blake talked to any of the pard? Is there anything Gabe had to do in the next week?”

“We have meetings with Narcissus, I can go. Narcissus will understand, the Oba likes us. A lot.. Other then I think there was some money that Gabe was suppose to collect but that was human stuff I can handle it again.. I am not sure if she would be willing to be, from what I hear..” He shrugged, his eyes ached and he felt like he cried a lake. “She hasn't, I don't think she will either, it might take something big to get her to come see us... Do you know her? Or anything about her? I just know she's a killer.”

Raphael crawled behind Zane and wrapped Zane in his arms. “I don’t know her but… maybe we can think of something.” Was this what his rodere would go through if…when someone finally killed him? “I can call into work and go with you little one. I will try to help you the best I know how.” If Anita didn’t step up to the plate he might have to force her to take command of her new group.

Zane broke down when Raphael put his arms around him, his head went forward and he started to cry, sob his body shaking. “I can't let them down, I can't let them get hurt.. I love them Boss-man, I don't know how it happened but I love them. Not just my kitten, not just because we are the same beast, but because we've all been through the same thing, the same pain.. the movies. Everything. Gabe might of raped my ass enough times but he also saved it.. He saved almost every one of our lives.. How will I be able to keep them safe?” He shock as he lowered his head trying to stop the tears from leaking out of him. He just sat there in the rat-king's arms as sob after sob came out of him. Zane couldn't remember the last time he cried.

Raphael gently rocked Zane as he cried away some of the hurt. “It’ll be ok little one, I’ll help you learn. Things will be fine… No more movies, no more being forced. Your going to be taken care of.” He wouldn’t let anything happen to Zane or the rest of them. Work could wait, he did have vacation time that needed to be used anyways. “You wont let them down. You are strong and perfect Zane.” What was he going to do to help the pard? He couldn’t watch over them all the time after all.

He wanted to tell Raphael that he wasn't strong or perfect, that he wanted to shut down and just melt into mist, because mist didn't have any problems, just the sun maybe. He closes his eyes tight trying to think of anythings but what he really had to. It didn't happen however. “Thank you,” was the only thing he could think of saying. Boss-man was always there for him. Always so caring. He wondered if all other Tops were like this and Gabe was just the odd man out. Zane turned and hides his face on the other's shoulder. “We are all so weak, Raph, we need time to heal. But do we have that time?”

Raphael wanted to tell Zane that he had all the time in the world to hide under the proverbial covers while the monsters were taken care of but, that would be lying to the poor boy. “We’ll see if we cant get you that time alright little one? The lot of you just need to lay low for now.” Why did he have the feeling that the pard wouldn’t be able to do that one simple thing? Oh well, he would deal with things as they came while trying to hunt down this Anita. Now what should he do with his little house cat?

He nods, but they would have to make money some how. And the only way Zane knew how to make money was by sex. He hides his face on Raph a little harder. He was scared at the idea of having all of the control. Yes, there was Elizabeth but she wouldn't be any good for a few days. She was in to much pain, who knew if she would get back up from it. Zane was the most likely choice. He blinks away the last of his tears.

Raphael sighed and rubbed at Zane’s back. “Are you feeling good enough to eat something? You might need the energy..” His mind wondered to thoughts of how Zane could expend that energy, something Zane had been offering since the first time they met. He shook his head, no his house cat was hurting and needed guidance now was not the time for that. “Can any of you secure even part time jobs for now until we get the lot of you figured out?”

He nodded, “I ate with the pard. I made sure we all ate something. I only came here when everyone was already a sleep.” He said, it had been a hard night. “We can make money, Cherry a nurse and there are some of us that have some skills. Don't worry Boss-man we have ways of keeping food on the table.” He sighed, it was going to be a long road.

Raphael kissed Zane's forehead and ran a hand through his hair. “I know you can keep food on the table but can you do it without wearing yourself down is the true question.” He tilted Zane's head back to take a look at the young man. It looked like the stress was going to get to him before to long and something in his house cat might snap.

He nods, “I think we can.” He said softly. His voice was a little raw from sneaking, he closes his eyes and just tires to clear his mind again. “Nath going to need extra watching because he's used to having a strong top.. I am going to have to be that..” He said wondering how he was going to be able to do it. “Anita Blake is with the wolves isn't she? I mean.. She hangs out with one of them doesn't she? Richard something or other.”

Raphael gave a small nod. “Richard Zeeman. I’ll see if I cant get a message to her through one of my rats. I believe Richard and Louie are still friends so that might be a good choice..” He was rambling, he tended to do that when thinking plans out. The question now was if Anita would understand the message and act on it. He ran a hand through Zane's hair. “You have my number little one and you know where the hospital is.. If anything happens don’t hesitated.” He’d have to hunt down Anita’s number to give to the pard, she would take control of them come hell or high water.
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