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NOV. 13 just after midnight, Guilty Pleasures~

Nathaniel's return to the stage

There was no one else here; no other heartbeats, no other sounds or movement. Tom's eyes were focused upon the angel, upon the man with the long hair. He never saw such long hair! It made him want to run his fingers though it. He'd be lost for hours with that hair. He wanted to wrap it around his hand and pull, yank the cat to his knees before him...Oh, the images that were burning across his mind, the images that made his body react and made him want to move closer to the stage..! But there were rules, rules that held him back and kept him from moving. He hated and loved the other vampire dancing with that angel on the stage. He wanted to be him, wanted to join them. Rules! Bloody fucking rules! And the song? The song that beat at him that played in his ears? 'You're sweet for somebody's pain/'...Did the feline know that he was talking to him, did he know what it meant to hear this? Tom moved swifted away from the bar, walking away from where Asher was standing in the wings watching Julianna, not the stage. Ah, but the golden vampire was watching both, wasn't he? A small moan escaped Tom as he moved to sit in a seat that was just a bit closer, his hands going to the table, grasping it to keep himself still. His mind screamed with ideas, screamed with things he needed to do for Nathaniel, for the other vampire...Who was that other vampire that he would play that with the angel? Oh! Jealousy, how odd it tasted in his mouth! Kitty laughed bitterly in his ears. /'..Mothers, children on the street/Can't get enough to eat...'/

Asher licked his lips watching his Julianna. He still had the taste of her blood in his mouth, still had the feel of her on his body, but now as she watched the men on stage he wondered how much he could get her to do tonight. The idea of her on the stage with those two was an alluring one. He whispered dirty pictures to her mind, her body pressed between the two on stage as he moved to her. His hand fell upon her shoulder as he sat a glass of wine in front of her. He lowered his head so that his lips barely touched her ear. “Mon Julianna,” he whispered, kissing her ear, nibbling at the lobe, “are you enjoying yourself?” Her body tasted warm, tasted sweet, everything he could remember from all the years ago and only hours ago.
He ran his hands down her arms, his fingers brushing her breast sightly. No-one would notice the gentle touch, though he could hear a woman next to Julianna's table whispering to her friends how some girls get all the luck. He smiled, for it was him that was lucky to have Mon Julianna back.

Julianna was riveted to her seat, watching sweet little Nathaniel suddenly turn into a very sensual dancer. Quite the change from the uncertain, almost shy creature she'd had breakfast with. He was sexy and knew it up on that stage. Images flooded her mind, of being up there with Nathaniel and... Byron, was it? Though she very much doubted the rest of the crowd would enjoy the sight of a pretty-but-not-glamorous girl up there between two gorgeous creatures dancing. *She* enjoyed the idea immensely, but was very aware of other people's feelings. Asher's touched warmed her skin and she knew the images had not been hers after all, though she'd enjoyed them as much as if they had been.

"Yes, very much... even without your help," she answered. She smiled up at him, grasping his hand as he sat with her, long, lean and elegant in the dimness, hair catching the lights from the stage. Some of the ladies near them had turned their attention from the dancers to her Asher, watching him with just as much interest. "Though I daresay some of our neighbors would rather be up there with you." she whispered.

“Too bad it shall not happen,” Asher whispered to her, his eyes moved over to the ladies and he flashed them a smile and showed just a bit of fangs. Before he looked back to Julianna, his fingers moved up her arm as he rubbed in slow round movements. Asher moved his chair so that he could sit beside her, his arm around her shoulders to keep her close to him.

Wearing nothing but a short apron and a thong, Nathaniel moved in front of Byron, dropping down to his knees and pushing his hips up so he was suspended on his toes and fingertips before him. a singularly suggestive pose. The crowd loved it. The music belted out "Meet me at the check out stand/See who can be the lover man..."

Byron grinned in a way that made him look less like a teenager and more like a man, albeit one with very sharp teeth. This was one place they were encouraged to flash fang... it made the crowd all giddy-like. He turned, revealing that he was also wearing only a thong under that silly apron, grabbing a banana from the "checkout" and drawing it suggestively along Nathaniel's exposed spine, stopping just below the band of his thong. He looked at the audience as if to ask "Should I?". Naturally, they hooted their approval. He appeared to consider, then shook his head and tossed the banana into the audience. He slipped up close behind Nathaniel, pressing his slim hips against the young lycanthrope's, mimicking the motions of fucking him, all in time with the beat of the song.

Nathaniel, being just as playful, feigned utter shock at Byron's actions, but then seemed to accept it and even pretend to be bored. Bryon gave a harder thrust, appearing to knock Nathaniel off-balance. But the leopard just rolled and knelt in front of Byron, slowly rising to his feet, the vampire still grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Jean Claude slipped along the perimeter of the dance floor, drinking in the crowd's excitement, although Tom alone could have fed him for the night. He slipped up behind the young vampire, hands on his shoulders, pressing a gentle kiss to his temple. "Calm yourself, Tom. You look ready to jump out of your skin," he said softly, his voice soothing. "They are not off-limits to you--so long as they want to play with you as well, so to speak," he said, knowing how careful Tom was not to upset him. Very much like a child rather than a fledgling vampire.

Jean Claude was right behind him, his sire's hands were upon him, touching him. Tom leaned into him, “But...Anita,” he whispered. He had heard that Nathaniel belonged to Anita, her pomme de sang, or something like that. All the words always got mixed up in his head, all he knew was that he would have to ask her to touch him, right? Or could he go to him and yank him towards him? His eyes followed the banana as it flew over them. He almost put his hand to grab it. No, he would let some poor little girl get it. He looked up at Jean-Claude, his eyes moved over his sire's face. “He's a wicked angel he is.. such pain.. such sweetness.. I want to taste him.”

Asher laughed as the banana landed upon their table. “You should pick up that up,” he whispered, feeding Julianna images of her eating the fruit, quickly followed by images of her on her knees with his sex in her mouth. Asher groaned in their links, their marks burning for a moment as such wicked ideas moved over them.

Julianna blushed crimson, almost not daring to touch the fruit, though at Asher's insistence she did, tucking it on her lap for later. Eating a banana now with *that* image in her mind smacked a little too much of public pornography for her. She swallowed tightly at the image of sucking on Asher once more; something she had not done yet since coming back to him. She wondered vaguely if it would be any different from before since he now did not have a foreskin. Having been the plaything of vampires for some time, most of whom were old and of European origins, circumcised men were new to her. Asher's moan of pleasure in her mind made her shiver and look at him, green eyes darkened with want. She smiled and in a sudden act of boldness, threw caution to the wind. She peeled the banana under the table and, still keeping his gaze, slid the suggestively-shaped fruit into her mouth... keeping to the shadows so Asher could see her, but few others could if they looked.

There was a ring of women brandishing money at the stage as Nathaniel worked up Byron's body, writhed against him with his curtain of hair flaring out in a living wave, falling like rain across his back. He reached around the vampire, untying the apron and drawing it off to the screams of the customers.

Byron made a great show of sliding his hand up Nathaniel's leg, up under his apron to the delight of the crowd. He slid his tongue over his teeth careful, not to nick it on his fangs, wiggling his eyebrows at the ladies in the front. Less gentle than Nathaniel, he simply pulled the apron from him, knowing Nathaniel would probably like the pull of the ties as they came undone with a sharp snap.

Jean Claude glanced from Tom to the stage, watching Byron and Nathaniel tease the crowd. "Yes, Anita...Anita is not here and she does not have the same iron grip on Nathaniel as she does on me. Her hold on Nathaniel has been...loosened as of late. Nathaniel can do as he wishes so long as he is safe, and you are no danger to him. Byron answers to no one but me and he is free to love and play as he wants, so long as it is legal," he explained, keeping contact with Tom. It seemed to comfort him to be touched, more like a lycanthrope than a vampire.

Tom nodded, happy to hear such news. He leaned up, kissing Jean Claude's lips. His sire was right; Anita wasn't here now, and so the cat should be allowed to be free too. Tom loved Jean Claude more than the world could ever know. He held the kiss until he heard the scream of the girls as the boy was untied. He turned his head to look as his tongue wet his lips. “Do you think they'd like me?”

Asher moaned out loud this time, his fingers upon Julianna's cheek as he petted her hair away from his face. His finger tips moved down her nose and brushed over her lips. The taste of the banana was sweet to him. Was perfect, just as she was. He watched her colored lips moved over the white meat of the fruit, the image of a penis taking place of the banana in his mind. His sex, Jean Claude's sex, and even the Kitten's. He loved to watch her, to taste her, to feel her, to see her scream in pleasure. That was what he needed now.

Julianna drew back up, careful not to actually bite the banana, though she did nip off the tip, teasing Asher gently. She could feel his want and wondered vaguely if it was partially from Jean Claude's feeding on the room. Maybe a little... but certainly not in its entirety. She could see exactly what he wanted, and him taking her on the table would probably not do wonders for Jean Claude's business. Even now, the table next to them could see what she was doing and were watching HER rather than the stage. She stopped teasing him, taking the banana away from her mouth. "Easy Asher... you'll have me soon. I promised Nathaniel I'd watch both his sets," she reminded him. "Patience, mon chardonneret," she whispered, kissing him gently, though she let him deepen it.

The aprons were shed as Nathaniel and Byron finished the dance, moving along the edge of the stage to allow the customers to tuck the bills in and let an occasional touch slip across their legs and thighs. Nathaniel felt utterly at ease. He had missed this, missed the raw lust of the crowd and the pulsating beat of the music, the movement of the dance. He closed his eyes for a moment as the music died away before making his way off the stage.

Byron slipped along the edge of the stage, winking at Asher and Julianna. He hadn't had a chance to talk to the human servant yet, but bloody hell, she was cute. And what he'd caught sight of her doing to that banana was hot as hell. "Oi, Asher... penny for the guy?" he winked at the older vampire.

Asher slipped a bill from his pocket and reached over to Byron. With two fingers he pulled back the thong, his hand placed the bill inside small bit of cloth, so that it would rub on the younger vampire's sex. He smiled and kissed Julianna once more, he nodded for Byron to go to the back. Here was not a place to talk with all of these ladies here. His hand was held out for Julianna to take.

Julianna smiled as Byron and Asher flirted with each other delicately. Byron certainly seemed to be Asher's type as far as men were concerned... slim, dark, and young-looking. Oddly enough, his taste in women ran to those of a much plumper frame, a sign of his mortal timeframe. "He's a handsome creature..." she commented to him gently. "A conquest of yours, mon amour? Or does he merely wish to be?" She knew very little of Asher's life at the Circus and outside of it. Their reunion thus far had been mainly of a physical nature, with very little attention to the facts of every-night life.

Asher shook his head, “Not one of mine, non, I have not had many conquests mon Julianna.” It was true, Asher hardly took a person to his bed, even those who had such a desire to have him. For it felt cold knowing that once he got them there and they saw him fully their lust would disappear like smoke on the wind. At least that was what he felt like. And now? He was not sure if he wanted someone beside those he already had in his bed. Julianna, Jean Claude...Anita.. but perhaps there could be one more person. He smiled as he walked her towards the back rooms.

Julianna frowned at Asher. He'd been a bit of a libertine in his day; taking any and all to his bed who he fancied in the slightest. None refused Asher. And it was obvious that he at least fancied Byron... that he had not slept with him was puzzling to Julianna. "Becoming selective in your old age?" she asked gently, kissing his scarred cheek without the slightest hint of hesitation.

The golden haired vampire smiled at his beloved, “I'm afraid there just wasn't many that I.. We shall talk of this another time? Now we must go tell Nathaniel how you loved to watch him dance.”

Jean Claude shook his head indulgently at Byron's antics. Byron might have been a 150 year old vampire, but he did so love to behave like the late teen he'd been when he'd been turned. "I think they will love you, Tom. You're so sweet..." he assured his fledgling, pressing a kiss to his hair. "You needn't be shy. We invited you out here, did we not? So you know that you are wanted here."

Tom nodded. “Yes, Daddy,” he whispered softly. “I should go make sure he gets his packages,” he said a little louder. However he was more interested right now in getting at their packages. Tom took a long unneeded breath to cool down his mind as he stood up. “Come.. with me?” he asked.

Jean Claude nodded. "Of course, I'll accompany you." he said, leading Tom back through the various doors leading backstage to where Byron and Nathaniel were.

Nathaniel was grinning when he got backstage, his face flushed from the dance and happiness. The cheers and applause still rang out from the front. He began to draw the money from the strap, smoothing the bills into a neat pile. Quite a good take, and he hadn't done his solo act yet. "Brandon has returned, ladies," he purred under his breath. "Juicy."

Byron was grinning ear to ear as they got backstage. "That he has, duckie." he said, clapping Nathaniel on the back. "You're doing smashing, luv... not bad at all for your first night back. Jean Claude's going to feed so well, he won't have to bother with the arduer for weeks." Exaggeration of course, but his meaning was clear. Nathaniel was hot as hell.

Jean Claude heard the tail end of Byron's comments and rolled his eyes discreetly. "The arduer is not a gas tank, Byron." he corrected the younger vampire gently. "That being said, yes, you did well, Nathaniel. I think Tom here was particularly enchanted."

The young vampire looked at Nathaniel, then past him on a table where four packages sat. “You dance so very well, the both of you..” Tom knew he still smelled of lust, most likely it dripped from his skin. His eyes moved to the other vampire then, to Byron. He hadn't met much of the kiss yet, as he he stayed locked up in his rooms making clothing for Julianna and the angelic cat. “Hello, I'm Tom-cat.”

Byron glanced up at Jean Claude, imitating his french shrug, eyes settling on Tom-cat. "Oi, so you're the new arrival. I'm Byron." He waved. "And no, not *that* Byron. More's the pity." he winked. "Ain't you a cute piece o' work, ducky?"

Jean Claude slid his hand to the small of Tom's back, gently pushing him forward, like a father trying to get his small child to make friends. "Everything all right, Nathaniel?" he asked the wereleopard, being on orders from Anita to make certain Nathaniel was taken care of while she wasn't with him.

Tom moved forward as his sire wished, smiling very sweetly at the pair. “Yes, I'm the new one.. You dance so very well.. I could never do that.. Where did you learn?” He asked Byron, then looked at the were-leopard, that pull there under his skin. “I have something for you, just here,” he said as he nodded to the boxes.

Nathaniel nodded at Jean-Claude, his quiet self returning. "It's all good, yeah."

Asher kissed Julianna's hand as they stepped into the room where everyone was standing. “Bravo,” he said to Byron and Nathaniel. “Perfection! The ladies will want nothing more than for you to return tonight...”

Byron pretended to tip a hat to Asher. "Thanks, guv'ner." he said, deliberately thickening his accent so as to be nearly unintelligible. "I learnt t'be nimble and quick when I was still mortal... had t'be in me line o' work. The dancin'... now't but movin' t'the beat, ducks. Nathaniel, he's the one who helps choreograph it'all."

"Thank you, Asher. It's good to be back on stage." Nathaniel moved over to the boxes, tucking the wad of bills like a fan into the thong strap. He looked up at Tom Cat and smiled. "You made these, didn't you, Tom?" he asked.

Jean Claude slid up to Asher's side, one arm around him in a brief embrace, kissing his cheek. Since Anita had lifted her decree where Asher was concerned, he enjoyed being more openly affectionate with his old friend. "Glad to see you've come to your senses." he smiled at the blonde, one hand moving to brush Julianna's hair from her eyes. "You seem to bring that out in him still, thank goodness."

Asher smiled and turned his head so that he could kiss the other's lips. Kissing Jean Claude somewhat deeply, he thought, 'Anita could go fuck herself'. He was going to kiss Jean as much as he could. “It was only a matter of time. She has my heart and soul, so I must be at her side,” he said, smiling at Julianna.

Julianna smiled and blushed, standing on tiptoes to kiss Jean Claude's lips gently, knowing Anita's decree did not extend to her. "Romantics, the both of you." she scolded, though her tone was anything but scolding. "I want to see what Tom has made for Nathaniel," she said to excuse herself from their sides, standing next to Tom.

Tom followed Nathaniel over to the boxes. “Yes, I made them.. I made all of them.. I wanted something nice for you... I've been doing a lot of sewing and these came to mind. Most of them are tear away clothing.. but there something else, too.” He moved to the last box, pulling it on to the top. Inside was a gray suit made from normal everyday suit cloth, however inside it was made out of blue silk, so that it would rub in all the right ways.

"Oh, Tom-cat..." Julianna breathed. "That's lovely. Nathaniel, you'll look splendid in that..."

Nathaniel drew out the suit jacket. He stroked the cloth, first outside, then the lining. "Tom, it's wonderful!" he exclaimed. "It's so smooth!" He carefully set it back in the box. "I wish I could wear it right now, but I have to do my last set in a few minutes. Thank you!" His eyes shone lavender, pleased. Tom had a knack for giving personal gifts from his talented hands, and Nathaniel appreciated that. It touched him; he was still unaccustomed to getting presents that he truly enjoyed, instead of what others thought best for him.

Tom flushed a little, “I'm happy you like it.. the other clothing, is for work..but I thought you should have something nice for play.. there are these as well,” Tom continued, taking out a pair of pants which had straps over the legs and around the hips. The pants were black and the straps a dark leather. “If you wanted.. or someone you are with wanted, they could strap your legs together and you can make the straps as tight as you want.”

Nathaniel stood wordless, holding the pants. His eyes shone like bright amethyst. Perfect. They were perfect! He wondered if Tom Cat was one of those vampires that could read a mortal's thoughts, or if he was merely very observant. He had only met Tom in passing recently at the Circus, but he seemed to have grasped Nathaniel's leanings toward bondage without even so much as a word. He lost the room around him for a moment, imagining the straps confining him...He shook himself out of his reverie. Shifting the pants to one hand, Nathaniel took Tom's hand in his own, and rubbed it against his jaw. "Thank you," he breathed. "They're perfect."

Byron looked at the suit and other clothes with some envy. "Nice digs, ducky... as if you didn't have people droolin' at yer heels already?" he teased, ruffling Nathaniel's hair. "You got a right talent with a needle and thread, Tomcat... I'm downright jealous."

Jean Claude remained close to Asher, one arm draped casually around him, watching as Nathaniel was given his presents, smiling just wide enough to show his fangs. "Looks like things are settling down for the better now, hmm?" he asked Asher gently. "You have your heart returned to you... ma petite is learning some of her errors and correcting them as best she can..."

Asher nodded smiling, “It is a happy time for all, no?”
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