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Flashback moment

While we're in the waiting room here, we thought a little hot reading would be inspirational.

*WARNING: NC-17 POST: Language, Drug Use, Slash content*

~When Zane met Nathaniel~

Zane leaned on the wall, his eyes cold as they roamed over the street. Had anyone been looking at the blue- haired male, however, it would be clear to see that he was not a cold hearted person, it was all in the appearance. Just the part he played, just part of the game.

He placed the cigarette to his lips and took a long hit, filling his lungs with the murderous smoke. He had pumped many a thing into him over the years--and had many a thing pumped into him by someone else--that a little bit of smoke was the most innocent of them. Zane tilted his hips forward a bit as a car drove by slowly, a man leaning out and eyed him.

But the man drove right on by, leaving a very pissy Zane, who flipped him the bird. “Jackass! Doesn't know a good fuck when he sees it.” Some of the other boys near Zane laughed. The blue-haired teenager sneered at them and spoke playful, “Not like any of you haven't wanted a go or got one!”

“Right, Zaney!” a short boy said, walking past towards a less busy area.

His feet were killing him, and it wasn't even fully dark yet. All Nathaniel wanted at that moment was to sleep, take another hit, and get through the upcoming night. He had gotten a quick trick in the back of a car and had some money to burn, but the john had dropped him off on the street instead of taking him to a hotel, so now he was walking. This wasn't his normal hang, either, but he knew the section of town. There was enough trade around to make the night pay.

Zane saw Nathaniel the moment the kid turned around the block and watched him closely. He was new around here, which either meant he was looking for more work or was new to the game. Just by the sight of him, though, Zane knew he was not new. There was something about this boy…At first glance one would think he was one of those innocent kids, the ones who never had to sell their bodies or had tasted the devil's pleasures. But again, Zane was aware that appearances can be deceiving on the street. “Hey, kitty, you lost?” He flicked his dead cigarette to the ground, finishing it off with the bottom of his black boots.

Nathaniel stopped, looking up at the tall, blue-haired hustler through his ragged auburn hair. "Meow," he said, his hip pushing sideways as he stepped near the streetlamp. "Yeah, I'm lost. Lost boy, that's me. And who are you, Peter Pan?" His voice was mild, joking, utterly unassuming. It was just banter, nothing more.

“Nope, I'm Tinker Bell,” Zane said with a snort. “Come here, kitten,” he said, wiggling his finger at the boy. “These parts aren't good for little cherubs.” He moved forward watching the other, if only he could reach out and push away the hair from his face.

Nathaniel gave a small smile, moving back a bit. The message was clear: look but don't touch. "Don't you mean you're the Blue Fairy?" he replied. "Looking to make me a real boy, or do you have some pixie dust to spare?"

"I've got pixie dust and other treats, perhaps even a warm place for you to lay your head. It’s a better deal than from you’ll get from any of the guys or the church people." Zane took out another smoke and lit it, taking in the warmth from the burning paper.

"No strings on me," Nathaniel said. "I'm just passing through, but I'm up for a party if you know the place." He was tired, and he knew he should be hungry, but he was much more interested in getting that hit just then, even if he had to hold it until he could get into a rave or find a customer to pop for a room. It was too late to get a place at a shelter by now, anyway.

"Then follow Zaney, kitten, for he'll show you the way!" Zane exclaimed in a playful preacher voice. He drew closer to Nathaniel and threw an arm about the boy's shoulders without even blinking an eye. He nodded to the other boys, letting them know that this one was under his protection. The message was clear as he placed his hand gently on Nathaniel’s shoulder: Touch and die. He flicked away the cigarette. “Tell me, kitten, what are you doing walking down this lonely street? I am sure you come from another place, another time." He laughed, "At least 3 or four blocks way. Did some john leave you to find your own way home? Some men just aren't so very nice."

"Home is where the heart is," Nathaniel answered quietly, more to himself than anyone else. He didn't move away from Zane's touch; he knew the body language. It didn't matter to him if the guy was touchy-feely. In fact, nothing much mattered any more. Yeah, he was tired, all right. "and no, some men aren't so nice. So, your name's Zaney?"

Zane nodded, "Zaney, Zaners, Zane the man, that’s me." He smirked and winked at the boy leading him towards the warehouse where he normally slept on cold nights. He had a little set up, he even had some food he could give the kid. He was cute, this one. Wonder what he could do, how much of his look was a front. "So, tell me, kitten, what’s your name?"

"Nate," Nathaniel answered. He hoped he wasn't going to get rolled. If Zane was looking to pull one over on him, well, he'd discover that this little kitty wasn't a pussy; he had enough alley cat in him to cause some damage if he had to. And he was fast on his feet, if needed.

Zane nodded for him to come with him in the alley. He kept his arm around him and whispered in his ear, "I've got a place. I'll share it for the night, but don't tell anyone. I am not much on room-mates, if you catch my meaning, so keep it a secret." Zane walked Nate over to a side door. The blue-haired boy reached up on the door jam and found a tiny key. He unlocked the door and held it open for Nate to walk in. There were cardboard boxes everywhere. Some were open, showing clothing and other odd items. None of it seemed up to date; all old junk that someone left in there. There was a large open area, then a little space blocked off in the middle like an apartment. The office: Zane’s home away from home.

Nathaniel nodded, looking around. It was inside, at least, even if there was no real heat to speak of. He had been in worse places. "Nice place," he remarked.

"Just wait, Nate-kitten," Zane said, picking up a few random smaller boxes, "Grab a few lighter boxes and follow me." He locked the main door up again and stashed the key in his pocket. He moved towards the little office singing softly to himself.

Nathaniel grabbed a few boxes and followed him. The locked door made his heart pound a little faster, but he didn't hesitate to go after Zane. Life was short. Besides, they were on the ground floor. If he needed to get out of there, he would use the windows.

Zane found another hidden key and put it in the lock on the office door. This room was far warmer then the rest of the building. There was also a small brick fireplace, sooty and currently unlit. There were a few high-set windows, painted over and dark, a shop light dangling overhead. Zane flicked on the light and held open the door for Nate to come in. There was a large mattress on the floor, a large couch and a desk with a chair. Everything in this office was nicely done but for the mattress which had blankets and sheets wadded up and thrown carelessly on it. "This is home." Zane said nodding.

Nathaniel was impressed. The place had probably been part of an older brick building, maybe a janitor's station, and the fireplace looked like it had been blocked long ago, but it was still a cozy, quiet spot, removed from the nightlife outside. "Very nice place," he remarked, setting the boxes down on the desk. He eyed the couch, wishing he could just curl up on it and fall asleep, but he couldn't fully relax yet. Instead he tried to remember the last time he had crashed anywhere with someone he knew, and came up blank.

Zane opened his boxes dumping out the things inside. "I've got food and treats. Why don't you sit down and I'll make it warmer in here." Zane moved over to the fireplace, empty boxes in hand. "Go ahead and open those boxes. If you find anything useful, keep it.” He knelt by the fireplace, taking a broom and putting it up the flue just to make sure the hole was still there before stacking the boxes in and lighting the fire.

Nathaniel spread out the contents of a box and looked at the labels. There was quite an array there: candy bars, packs of gum, two jars of peanut butter, about a dozen bags of chips, nuts, beef jerky, several cans of beans, beef ravioli, corn, and a jar of Cheez Whiz. Quite a nice haul. He took a candy bar and a bag of tortilla chips and tore into them. He was really hungry. Keeping an eye on his new-found friend, he ate and wondered if he should pocket some more of it.

Zane turned to Nathaniel. "Anything good?" he asked. The fire was crackling in the fire place. He was pleased to see Nate was eating. He looked more like the other guys and not like an underage waif. It would make things a little easier if he was full, not hungry and jumpy. "Come sit next to the fire, eat as much as you can. Just don't make yourself sick, okay?" He got up and went to the desk, taking some beef jerky, then went back to the fireplace.

Still chewing, Nathaniel scooped the rest of the stuff back into the box and moved over near the fire. It felt good to get warm, to eat something, to feel sheltered even for a moment. The fire made his face flush while his back was still chilled, but he didn't care. The small packet in his pocket seemed to weigh heavy there, and he felt the tease of it along his spine, the shivery need creeping into his skin. He didn't want to share it, but the guy had shared his place. Maybe it would be a good trade, everything equal. He finished the chips wordlessly.

Zane sat close behind the other kid. Throwing a blanket around them both, he offered Nathaniel a beer. "Here," he said as he put two cans of beans near the fire. "When was the last time you ate anything, kitten?"

"Don't remember," Nathaniel mumbled. He shook his head at the beer, but pulled the blanket closer. He could feel the internal cold start; he wanted that hit so badly, just wanted to lose himself and maybe sleep.

"Then we will make sure you eat something more real," Zane replied, nodding at the beans. "And the last time you used? I can tell you do, and I know what it can do to you if you don't get to. I got some stuff, if you want. We could always make more money later to get more. You're welcome to stay here for a while..."

Nathaniel blinked at Zane, startled. "Wha..." he stammered. "Why are you being so...helpful?" he asked, suddenly. "What do you want?"

Zane grinned. "I've been where you are. I like you, Nate. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders. Plus you're fuckin' hot," he added with a wink.

Nathaniel just stared at him for a long moment. "You bet your ass I'm hot," he said. "and if that's what you want, Tinker Bell, I can take you to Never-Never-land and back before you can say 'second star to the right'." He looked back at the fire. "But you've never been where I've been, believe me. You don't know me, so don't pretend you do."

"If you don't want my help you know where the door is." Zane said pleasantly. "Oh, Kitten, don't fret! I know I don't know you, I know that I am new to your little bedtime story, but it doesn't mean that I haven't lived a life anything like yours. Never mind that, now. Forget it. Let's just eat, mess around, have some fun. Come on kid, I got the dust and I can make you fly, if you got the time." He reached out a hand and pet Nathaniel's hair.

Nathaniel's stomach cramped and growled loudly. He knew the shakes would come soon, that it would get bad. He needed that hit. So this hustler just wanted to do some dust and maybe get some action. That wouldn't be too bad. Nothing he hadn't done before. He'd get high, get this guy off, maybe get a chance to lie down to sleep. "I got time," he said quietly. "That I got." He rocked a bit, trying to drive off that prickle tracing over his skin. "I haven't had a hit for a while. I could really use one."

Zane reached over and tested one of the cans. He moved his hand back--it was hot. Grabbing a scrap of cloth and the can opener, he opened and handed over one cloth-wrapped can to Nathaniel. Opening his own can, he handed over a spoon and took one for himself. "Let's eat first. You need to get something in you."

Nathaniel took the steaming cloth-wrapped can of beans and quickly set it down. He rummaged through his box and pulled out the Cheez Whiz and another bag of Doritos. He added a spoonful of the cheese to the can and crushed some of the chips over the top, then mixed it in. "Got anything else to drink?" he asked, picking up the can and blowing on a spoonful.

"I got some water, maybe a can of Coke," Zane said, opening a desk drawer and rummaging through it. He found a can of soda and brought to the couch, setting it on the armrest. He added some of the cheese to his beans.

Nathaniel popped the top of the soda one-handed and took a long swig. "Thanks." He set the can down next to him and dug into the beans. "Got any smack?" he asked. "Big H?"

Zane smirked. "I got the whole store," he said with a wink. He put down his food and reached over to his coat, pulling out a little bag. "I know some guys." He tucked the bag away again in the coat.

Nathaniel smiled. Nothing looked more beautiful than that little bag. "You a dealer?" he asked. He had thoughts that maybe he could crash there for a while, maybe do this Zane some favors. It could be a cozy little gig. He eyed the coat with more hunger than he had for the food.

"When I can. Other times I let big daddy johns have their fun, I'm sure you know what I mean," he smirked. "How do you normally take it, kid?"

Nathaniel shrugged. "Any way I can, most times." He tapped the side of his nose. "Snort is fine. I don't have a needle, and I don't usually shoot. The johns can see the tracks."

Zane nodded. "I don't use needles unless I know they're clean. So, snorting it is." Moving over to the desk, he took out a clipboard so that they could use that. "Let's finish eating first."

Nathaniel nodded and went back to eating. It would dull the high, but Zane was right. He did need to eat. It was a cozy little place, there was shelter, food and drugs. The odd thought that he might have some rest here for a while trickled across his mind again.

Zane ate fast--he was a fast eater normally--but he tried not to burn his tongue. Might want to use it later... "Where you are from, eh?" he asked. When his can was empty he took a drink of a beer and leaned back, watching the younger man.

"Nowhere," Nathaniel answered around a mouthful. He took a long drink from the Coke can.

Zane nodded then took out the drugs again. He didn't want the kid to get sick all over the place. He looked at Nathaniel every now and then as he trickled the dust out in a long line. "Why don't you go first, eh, unless you want me to so that you know it's safe."

"S'okay," Nathaniel replied. He set down the empty cans and reached into his pocket. "I got one more hit I can do. But thanks for the offer; now I know where to go for the next one." He smiled. "Let's party."

"Yeah, let's do it then." He leaned down, taking the hit. He leaned back, eyes closed, for long minutes, waiting for the rush. "Shit, that's good!" he mumbled as he rubbed his nose. He turned and looked at Nathaniel, offering him the board to use if he wanted. He could feel it melt through his system. He grinned, rubbing his neck and licking his lips. "I needed that."

Nathaniel just grinned, waving away the board. He dumped the contents of the paper packet into his palm, then lifted it to his nose and inhaled sharply. He coughed, eyes watering. Licking the residue off his hand, he sat back, laughing. "Horse isn't your drug of choice, is it?"

"I'll do whatever I can get my hands on, but I do love it. The feel of it." he said with a smirk, "But this does do something very nice, doesn't it?" He got up and flopped on the mattress, looking up, enjoying the feeling of being warm, fed and drugged.

Nathaniel just laughed again, nodding. The warm feeling of well-being crept over him, slow and easy and so familiar. Yeah, this could work just fine, him and this blue-haired guy with all the comforts of home.

Zane sat up, took a deep breath and said, "So now that we've eaten, and got something into our systems... wanna play?" he asked, wondering if he should. Maybe this kid was too young for the rough play, but he did say that he sold himself. So that would mean he knew what kind of play Zane would mean. He just couldn't help it. He liked the kid, he was a sweet piece of work.

Nathaniel gave him a drowsy smile, moved over to the mattress and sat next to him. "Sure. You've been nice," he said. "Whatcha wanna do, little boy blue?" He leaned against Zane, rubbing his face against his arm playfully.

"How about a little kiss first?" he said as he moved down to look into the boy's eyes. His fingers move over the other man's hair, brushing the soft locks. The kiss he pressed to Nathaniel's lips was soft and he didn't force anything yet, he was just giving him a kiss. Their first kiss. For some reason this felt important to Zane, he just wish he knew why.

Nathaniel giggled softly, kissing around Zane's lips; soft, quick kisses, playful. He let his hands lie in his lap, heavy and forgotten. He felt so warm, so happy. He pressed his lips harder, lingering over Zane's mouth.

Zane placed one hand on the back of Nathaniel's head to press him closer as he kissed his lips. He liked the way this kid tasted, he tasted sweet and so young. He must make a lot of money from the johns, he'd have to make sure the kid knew how much he was worth. He pressed himself on the boy as he tried to push him back into the mattress.

Nathaniel fell back, letting Zane spread over him. The drugs were rushing through him, over him in wave after warm wave, and everything felt so good. He decided that Zane loved him. He wondered if he loved Zane, too. He didn't know, but he was pretty sure what would make Zane happy. And he wanted to make his new friend happy. Zane had been nice to him, shared his secret hideout and food with him. So he would share, too, share the only thing he had left to share.

Zane ran his hands down over Nathaniel's body. He took a deep breath before giving the boy a long kiss. His hands moved into the jeans to cup that lovely round bottom, his fingers holding into the soft skin. His cock was already starting to take an interest; hell, it took an interest the moment the boy came up to him in the streets! "Mm, Kitten, you do taste so very good..." he whispered as he moved his hips across the other man's. His hand move under Nathaniel's shirt, rubbing the skin he found there.

Nathaniel whimpered, squirming beneath Zane. He felt his rough hands reach inside his jeans, grasping behind him, felt the press of the taller man against him. It made him hard, the weight of him. "Tell me what you want," he gasped. "and I'll do it."

"I want to touch you all over, I want to take you into my mouth and suck on your skin, I want to fuck you until we'll both blind with the pleasure of it.. I want a lot of things,kitten." He whispered on his lips, "Mainly I just want to taste you.. To feel you.. Tell me what do you want?"

"Take me, touch me, suck me, fuck me," Nathaniel murmured. "I'll be your kitten, your lost boy. I'll do anything you want." He groaned as the ache grew worse, the need more frantic.

Zane smirked and kissed the boy's lips. "Get undressed for me, kitten, I want to feel you under me." He moved up and removed his shirt, throwing it across the room. He watched the younger man. He started to undo his pants making sure the other wasn't going to freak out on him.

Nathaniel reached up, undoing Zane's pants with a practiced ease. He moved up, peeling off his jacket and shirt and slipping down his own pants. His shoes vanished in the pile of discarded clothes, and if he had socks, they were nowhere in sight. He lay back naked on the mattress, surrounded by the worn rumpled sheets and blankets. He lay there waiting, eager, his body showing how ready he was.

Zane kicked off his boots. He grinned and leaned down, his mouth slipping over Nathaniel's cock. He licked across the tip just tasting it, before he opened his mouth and took the whole thing in, his hands going to the kitten's hips. He pulled the boy's body up and toward him.

Nathaniel cried out and arched his back, the wet warmth of Zane's mouth on flesh made all the more sensitive to sensation by the drug. He curled his hips up, offering himself to Zane's attention, his legs open and trailing along the sides of Zane's long body.

This body was wicked. The way he responded to all these touches was enough to make Zane very happy. So many boys just pretend to enjoy things but they never truly did. He pulled his mouth from Nathaniel, then looked up at the boy. He wondered what he liked, what the boy enjoyed. There were so many things they could do. He reached under the mattress for the condom box and the lube. He poured lube upon his fingers and put his mouth back on the others sex, slipped a finger over his opening.

Nathaniel moaned, his legs curling toward his chest. He shivered, his face flushed. "Take me," he begged in a whisper. He lay passive beneath Zane's focus, utterly obedient.

"Soon." he replied, drawing back once more. He put a condom on. It wasn't worth the risk to take this boy without it, or maybe it was. But he wanted him none the less, and the way he wanted him...thus the condom was rolled down his stiff cock, and the lube was smeared all over it as well. He pushed the head of his cock slowly into the boy. He looked down at him. "You tell me if I hurt you, that's an order, all right kitten? I don't want you hurting when you need to go out tomorrow night. It would make things hard on you." He slowly started push inside of him, trying to be careful but the boy just felt so good.

Nathaniel groaned loudly as Zane pressed the very edge of his length inside him. He heard Zane's command, the dominant tone only driving him on. "Hurt is fine; I like it rough," he panted. "Take me, Zane, please, I want it!"

"Hard, kitten?" Zane mumbled his eyes focusing on the boy's face. It was hard to really see anything; the drugs were making his mind slip away. His body started to move. Hard. Yes, hard, just like the younger male asked him to give him. His hands grabbed Nathaniel's hips, holding him tight. Holding him to him. Yes, such wonderful fucking heat. It was like the younger man was going to burn him alive. His eyes closed as he lowered his head to kiss Nathaniel's mouth, to suck at those sweet looking lips. Just how rough did the other like? Zane nipped at his lips, biting them but not breaking the skin.

Nathaniel growled, pushing against Zane, as close as their bodies could press at that point. He licked Zane's lips, wrapping his arms around the man on top of him, begging for an embrace. He bent nearly double to reach him, to keep unbroken the contact of their flesh. Zane moved his sweaty arms around the younger boy pulling him closer, his lips feasting upon the others' mouth as his hips pumped hard into hot fresh. "Hard, yes, fuck! Hard!" Nathaniel hissed from clenched teeth. Letting go of Zane's arms, he arched back on his elbows, arms bent, hips still angled up and pressed to Zane as if urging him deeper.

The sweat between them seemed to make things slip, make things smooth. "Fuck, kitten.. you're so fuckin' tight!" He muttered. He was moving as hard as he could. There might be blood and he might not be able to walk later but Nathaniel would feel Zane in him tomorrow.

'He loves me, loves me, loves me...' The thought echoed through Nathaniel as he drew back and thrust forward, the round rhythm driving him onto Zane over and over in a frantic dance. The flicker of the fire blinked with the buzzing white light of the office light overhead, shining on their skin. He cried out in want and desire, his own ripeness hard against the ripple of his belly. The stretching, relentless pounding of Zane's flesh inside him was exquisite, he wanted it to last forever.

But such things could not last forever. Zane's fingers moved between them and clasped around Nathaniel's cock, pumping it upwards. "Fuck! Come for me...come all over us..!" he panted. He was going to pass out soon just from the pleasure. His head was spinning, all his thoughts mixing together taking control over his very self. For a moment he didn't know where he was, just that he was deep inside this sweet lovely boy. That he wanted to feel Nathaniel's come all over both of them.

Nathaniel gave a long choking scream, his legs and arms quivering. The tides of pleasure crashed against him, his heartbeat a trapped thing inside his chest. He burst between them, his pulse caught in Zane's grip, the wet warmth spattering like warm blood over them both. He kept moving, rolling up like waves to Zane. Nathaniel whimpered, head lolling to the side, eyes half-lidded and satisfied.

Zane lost himself soon after Nathaniel, his body screaming with pleasure. The drugs only added to it, made his body sing. As he came wrapped tight in a condom, deep insides Nathaniel, he knew that he wasn't going to let him go. No, this boy belonged to him. "Kitten," he whispered kissing Nathaniel softly upon his forehead as he pulled out of him. He pulled the boy close to him with one arm, the other hand dropping the condom somewhere on the floor. He could deal with it later. He grabbed the blanket and pulled around them.

Nathaniel hugged Zane, smiling, content. Sweat and other things clung to them, the sheets still rumpled beneath their spent bodies, but they ignored it in the afterglow. Nathaniel cupped Zane's face and kissed him softly. "I love you," he said, his voice low. His hand slipped over Zane's blue hair and down. He turned, spooning against the other man, wrapping the blanket closer around him like a cocoon. A happy tiredness stole over him, and soon he lay there utterly trusting, lost in sleep.
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