Rafael (branded_king) wrote in meetin_stlouis,

Thursday, Nov 6th, 7 am, St George Church

Raphael hopes and prays.

Raphael calmly kneeled down among the pews of St George, his eyes slid along the human forms that moved about the church. He knew the Catholic Church was against lycanthropy but, when you are stressed you tend to fall back onto old habits. So many things tumbled through his mind as he shifted on the wooden bench. Would the priests throw him out if they knew the truth? Why did the church outlaw lycanthropy? Was what he agreed to in the past going to haunt him in the future? He laughed bitterly at the thought of the one thing that worried him the most. What would happen to his treaties if he allowed Zane to move in? All the ‘what ifs’ weighed heavily on his shoulders but, they were things that could be answered another time. He was here to light candles for those he lost and a few for those that needed the most protection. It would be a testament of God’s faith in the damned if Jean-Claude and Asher remained whole for the night to come. He hauled himself to his feet Raphael turned to light his candles and make his donation with one thought on his mind. Please God, don’t let me screw up again.
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