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Meet Me In Saint Louis

Meet Me at the Fair

Meet me in St. Louis, meet me at the fair
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Claiming a Character:
If you want to claim a character off the "not-taken" list email the community mods at scar_upon_his_soul@yahoo.com or velvetrose@rocketmail.com and you will be sent an application. Please get the application back within a week or you will be passed up if other people are waiting. Be warned that this is an NC-17 community. A little RPG experience might be good, as would having decent writing skills. We ask that you are current on the books of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. YOU MUST BE 18 or OLDER to join this group.

Character bids are placed on the Yahoo groups list for members to read and then are voted on in poll. bids are judged by canon realism, proper writing, and time availability of the players. Participating in an RPG requires a commitment to the game and your fellow players. Please be prepared to commit to the game for the sake of all the members.

Character Journals:
Once your application has been approved set up a character journal with a character appropriate name and join the community. Do Not join up with your personal journal, you will be rejected.

Role Playing:
Role play will take place on YIM, AIM, email or any other messenger service of your choice. You can set up a thread in the community with another player and RP there using the comment tool. This way other people can join in if they are in the setting you have described (ex: the circus, Anita’s house etc). If you do this remember to give people time to reply.

Once a role play is completed it should be posted in the livejournal community via your character journal. Once it is posted it should not be edited except for grammar, typos, continuity etc. Please do not change the plot of the post once it is up.

There is a yahoo mailing list that all members are expected to join. Once you join the community you will receive an invitation to the mailing list. This will require you to set up a yahoo account which is very easy to do. The mailing list also has a chat room you can use for RP. The mailing list is for all OOC posts. Please do not make OOC posts in the community. You can use the list to communicate with the other members to discuss characters, plot and anything off topic. It will also be the way the moderator gets announcements out so if you don’t have the emails sent directly to you please remember to check it every so often so you know what is going on.

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Writing Style:
This RPG should be written in third person, past tense, novel style. Please pay attention to this rule as it is distracting to have two different tenses in one post, not to mention messy. Remember that we are looking for quality, not quantity. Spend time on your RP. Spell check before you post and put effort into it. Still, despite quality over quantity please refrain from leaving people in the lurch with really short responses. This goes hand in hand with putting effort into it. Don't half-ass.

Bad Example:

"Omg" anita stares @ richard. He wasnt wearing a shirt and was soooo hot. she couldnt wait 2 get him in2 bed


Anita: *stare* Richard where is your shirt?
Richard: *laughs and runs hand through his hair* i thought you would like me better without
Anita: *blushes*

Good example:

At those words Richard froze up and he looked down at Anita questioningly. "Anita?" His voice had evened out and she could see anger just behind his eyes. "You would tell me if one of the victims was lukoi, right?"

“The fact that you even have to ask me that question is simply wrong Richard.” Damn, that man could piss her off quicker than anyone she knew. Her eyes went distant and cold and she squared her shoulders, turning her gaze to the much larger man in front of her. “I have no idea why the blood smelled like wolf, but none of the crime scenes I have been to have involved lukoi.” She understood the need to protect their own, but the fact that Richard was so quick to loose faith in her really hurt, and hurt quickly turned to anger.


example: Jean-Claude swept into the room to find Anita curled in one of the black arm chairs looking miserable. Her hair was a mess and she was making small sniffling noises, the kind he knew she only made when she was trying not to cry. He stepped forward and touched the top of her head lightly. She looked up.

The Jean-Claude player is forcing actions and circumstances on the Anita player. Do not do this. If it is not your character, do not write for them.

Time Line:
From here on out the passing of time will work like this:
There will be something called the game day. The game day will last four weeks. On each post made you should put the time and the location in the subject line. 11:30 AM, Anita's House

For example:
Zane and Damien RP something the afternoon of the 27th and post it, later on Anita and Richard RP something the morning of the 27th and post it after Zane and Damien. Because of continuity, Anita and Richard cannot reference anything in the Zane/Damien RP because technically, it hasn’t happened yet.

If you are careful with continuity then the time line should not be confusing.

The days cannot go backwards in time. You have four weeks which should be enough.

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And now, the lovely set rules:

NO incest.
NO pedophilia.
NO full out bestiality. At this point, half shifted is alright. If anyone one person is uncomfortable with that, the rule will change, no questions asked.
NO DRAMA! If you are having a personal problem that concerns another player please contact the moderator before doing anything. Most situations can be solved very painlessly if the people involved have a mediator. (mod note: For the love of god. Save the drama for your mama. We don't want it.)

Put an LJ cut around every post made in the community. Put a warning up if the rating is R or above.

Finally, please be polite and respectful. If you are deemed a troll by the moderator, you will be kicked out without hesitation.

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Taken Characters:


Richard [n/a yet]

Jason just_jase

Stephen abused_werewolf YIM: angelfor_rent


Jean Claude m_jeanclaude YIM: red_velvet_rose

Asher des_ombres YIM: of_ash_and_smoke

Byron byron_luv YIM: red_velvet_rose


Verity/Julianna verity_canta YIM: red_velvet_rose

Tristanodins_own_eye(*Played by Asher-mun)


Gregory kitten_fiend YIM: angelfor_rent

Zane zane_is_a_pain YIM: aaron_dumbledore

Nathaniel purple_kittycat YIM: az_tel@sbcglobal.net

Cherry cherry_panther YIM: ranger_rexana AIM: darkpharoahyami

Merle merle_leopard YIM: ranger_rexana AIM: darkpharoahyami


Dr. Lillian furry_doc YIM: furry_doc

Rafael branded_king YIM: furry_doc


Salma Played by JC-mun YIM: red_velvet_rose

Needed Characters:


many vamps, lycanthropes and sundry.