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How the ghosts of the past linger. : Jason/Tristan rp. Nov 14,1am


Summary: Jason catches Tristan doing something naughty.
Characters: Jason and Tristan

Sweat collected along his brow as he leaned back, his fingers were making a path over his cock. His mind filled with images, sexual, sweet needing, painful memories to have. But it was the only memories he had of sex. Of Alec leaning over him, Alec's cool hands moving over his body, “Oh God..” He moaned, swearing at himself for saying something like that, he was so bad now. So full of sins. Tears moved into his eyes from the pleasure of his fingers on his sex, his other hand rolled his balls, tugging them tightly. His head fall back on the pillow, his hips rose upwards. He prayed he was right in thinking that no one else was home.. Another moan fall from his lips, he was greatfull he stopped it from sounding like Alec's name.

Jason crept into the house silently, coming to claim Anna after his shift at work. On his way down the hallway, he heard a soft moan coming from the guest bedroom. He froze in place, looking towards the bedroom and holding his breath until he heard the moan again. Without thinking twice, he padded over to the door and opened it carefully. "Tristan? Is everything --" He froze, mouth falling open, as his eyes adjusted and he took in the sight before him.

He did not notice Jason at first, no he was to busy with his hand and cock. Yet, there was the sound of his name, “Oh, please..” he mumbled as his fingers gifted him with pleasure but it wasn't his really to give. He had no lover to play with, and this was a sin, touching himself. Oh, no not to Odin but the old God he used to bow before. It was so odd having these two things in his head. Yet, need over took him. He turned his head so that he could reach for the hand lotion that was on the bedside table.. There was someone in the room. Someone male. For a moment it took Tristan a while to remove his hands and look up. “Oh. God.. Jason..” he mumbled as his hand went for a pillow.

When his first call went unnoticed, Jason started to back out, but he stopped, entranced by the look on Tristan's length and the movement of his hand over his shaft. Jason tightened one hand on the door jamb, catching his lower lip between his teeth and worrying it as he watched the erotic sight before him.

He started guiltily as Tristan caught him, pulling his hand away from the door like it burned and pressing it to his mouth. "I'm so sorry," he said immediately, "I heard -- I thought something might be wrong, I didn't mean to... I'm sorry," he repeated.

Tristan took a deep breath hiding his sex , that didn't seem to lose its hardness. No Tristan normally liked to be watched, liked having another person in the room. But he didn't know Jason that well, “It's alright... I didn't think anyone else was up.. did you want to come in?” What the hell was he doing?

He looked around for his robe that Richard gave for around the house.. Weres where that bad about being nude right? If he was going to be living around them he should learn as well. However he kept the pillow where it was, more hiding the scar that was Alec's bite mark then his sex, even though it was still so hard, he tires to will it down.

Jason was now, and had always been, very sexual. He wasn't at all ashamed of that. but there was a time when he'd been an unrepentant slut. He'd slept through practically every willing person who stepped through the doors of Guilty Pleasures. But he wasn't like that any more, he tried to limit his liaisons to the people he cared about. The problem with reforming was that you knew when you shouldn't be doing something. Like now.

But the earlier conversation at Lil's office had been weighing on his mind. All day, he'd tried to push it aside, but every time he stopped to eat or close his eyes or take a breath the pain came back, a sharp stab at the bottom of his heart. And here was a perfect distraction, literally lying in front of him, legs spread. He knew, absolutely knew, that he shouldn't be doing this, especially after everything Tristan had been through.... But there was a very large part of him that had stopped caring.

He stepped into the room, shutting the door firmly behind him, turning his back to give Tristan a chance to find his robe. He turned back and flashed a smile at Tristan. "Well, I'm glad everything's ok," he teased.

“I..I was feeling a bit lonely.” He confessed as he tired the robe around himself, happy that it was hiding his sex. He slips back away a bit from the bed so that Jason can sit down, or he could sit on the chair. Either way. He took a deep breath then, looked him over. “How.. was work? Richard said something about you having to work tonight? What do you do?” Yes, something that would mean they wouldn't be talking about sex.

Poor Tristan. If he didn't want to talk about sex, Jason's work was the wrong topic. He took a seat on the edge of the bed, flashing another dazzling smile at Tristan. "I'm the Master of the City's pomme de sang," he explained, "and I work at one of his clubs. The same one as Nathaniel, actually. Guilty Pleasures."

He knew that word. Pomme de sang isn't that what Alec called him at first? He nodded then frowned, he had no clue what Guilty Pleasures was. “Oh, what do you do there?” He asked his frown disappeared, as he was sure it couldn't be anything bad. What would Jean Claude own?

Jason blinked, then grinned. "Oh, you didn't know? It's a strip club," he said, offhandedly, just looking for a reaction.

Strip club? His eyes moved over Jason. Surely not? Did he dance? Oh, that made his penis jump sightly. God, he needed to take a cold shower. He had so much control before why not now? “Oh, what do do you do at the club?”

"I dance," he replied, almost reading Tristan's mind. "The audience loves a lycanthrope on stage." In truth, he didn't really perform all that much anymore, hadn't since he became Jean's Pomme, but he wanted to give Tristan a nice visual image. He was completely aware of the other man's continued arousal.

Tristan nodded, “Do you change on stage.” He had to keep his hands away from his lap, he didn't want to touch himself by mistake. Why was it so hard to cool down? Alright bad choice of words, but still.

Jason smiled teasingly, cocking his head to the side. "Well, changing implies you put clothing back on. Mostly I just take it off." He winked

Tristan laughed softly, “ I meant do you become your furry self on stage?” He asked relaxing sightly. Yes, he liked the image of Jason nude, but he had to keep his mind clean here. Or at least he should try. Then damn. It hit him. Jason couldn't see him, but hell he could smell him. Smell that he was still hard. Damn.

Jason could smell him, and see, as well. A thin robe wasn't that much protection, and he was very well acquainted with the male body.

He chuckled. "Oh, that kind of changing. Well, when the situation demands it, but not usually. It takes a lot out of me, you know." Damn, they needed to route this conversation back to sex, before it got too late.

"Oh.. Do the ladies like it? They don't get scared?" He asked leaning forward watching Jason closely. Every little move was something that struck him in some way. Tristan had a picture of Jason dancing in his head, of his body dripping with sweat as he moved to some sinful song.

Jason smiled. "They like exotic things, so yes. The ladies and the men." He smiled. "Next time Nathaniel or I is there, you should come by..."

"I've never been in a place like that before.. perhaps when I'm better.. I still have a few problems just walking.." he laughed, " How is one suppose to behave in the club?"

"Poor Tristan," Jase smiled, rubbing his injured leg gently to soothe it. "Actually, you probably wouldn't like it," he admitted. "It's very undignified, there's a lot of yelling, screaming, groping the dancers..." he winked again. "As long as the bouncers don't catch you, of course."

He tilted his head down to look at Jason's hand upon his leg then looks back up at the wolf, "Do they grope you alot?" He asked, "It must make it rather hard to dance with people touching you.."

Jason shrugged slightly, smiling. "You get used to it. And it's not really so much about the dancing as it is about the performance you give the audience. I guess..." He trailed off, letting them fall into silence.

Tristan took another deep breath, "So you don't just lose yourself in the dance? In the act.. what is it like to have that many people wanting you? Touching you?"

"Oh, it's a high." Jason admitted, grinning slightly. He smiled slightly, raising an eyebrow and reaching out to chuck his chin gently. "Why all these questions, anyway? Thinking of giving it a try yourself?"

"Non.. Non.. I am not as lovely as you are." He said with a sad smile, "Non, I could never be nude in front of too many people.. To be sexual with woman I do not know.. non, they would laugh me off the stage."

Jason chuckled. "Oh, I'm not so sure..." he said. "You are plenty lovely... as well as very sexual. I got a preview of the show myself." He grinned, sliding his hand further up Tristan's thigh.

Jason's touch was warm and sent sparks into his skin. It was the touch of a wolf of Odin, it sparked the runes in his blood. It made him want to be closer to him. Yet, he was still scared of over reacting. Perhaps Jason was just being friendly.."How.. much did you see?"

Jason grinned, shrugging one shoulder fluidly and moving to take his hand gently. "Tristan... you don't have to be lonely like that while you're living here..."

Tristan places his hand upon Jase's. "I'd like to get to know you better, I'm afraid I haven't been around many people before.. Before it was merely Alec and sometimes Julianna .. but he made me love him, he owned me completely. now I'm alone.."

"I'm so sorry," Jason said in reference to Alec. He squeezed Tristan's hand gently and pulled him closer in. "You never should have had to go through that. But you aren't alone here. You're auxiliary member of the pack, so you have all of us... ." He raised their joined hands, nuzzling over the knuckles.

Tristan nods, " I haven't met many of the wolves.. but you all have been rather friendly. You perhaps more then the others." He whispered, he moved a little closer to Jason, his eyes going over the wolf's face. Jason smiled, brushing his lips over Tristan's softly. "I'd like to be even more... If you'll let me..."

Oh, he was going to hell, he was going to the place that tear.. Wait. No, Odin wouldn't send him there. He needed to remember that he was a follower of Odin now. So what would one of Odin's children do? He leaned forward and placed a kiss on Jason's lips. Very soft.

Jason blinked in surprise, but pressed in, returning the kiss softly. He quickly slid his arms around Tristan, gently pulling the other man closer in and continuing the kiss, keeping it gentle.

Tristan leaned into the kiss, his arms going around the other male. The warmth was spilled out towards his lips all the way up to Jason. His fingers moved down Jason's body. He could feel the runes in Jason calling out to his. He could use the magic if he wanted to add to the pleasure like Alec showed him. but he was scared to use such things he was thought just in cause it would cause the wolf pain.

Jason moaned softly and pressed into the warmth, kissing him slowly. He wasn't expecting anything more than a regular fuck, though he'd never say no to a little magical enhancement. He rubbed against Tristan's body, reaching down and unknotting his robe. The fabric was pushed aside and he stroked over the exposed skin of Tristan's chest and hips slowly with the palm of his hands. He didn't want to push to quickly, so he made sure the other man had a chance to protest if he wanted to.

Every touch felt made him feel a bit more alive, made him burn under the touch. He pressed kissing to Jason's lips, slowly ever so slowly they became deeper as he became more sure of himself. This was new to him, Jason was so warm rather then the cool lover he was used to.

Jason purred, sealing their lips together and dipping his tongue into Tristan's mouth gently. He purred, stroking down along the man's hipbone before reaching his hard cock. "Still?" he chuckled, stroking his fingertips along the shaft. "This is beginning to become a problem, hmmm?" he wrapped his fingers around him and began pumping gently.

Tristan smiled shyly, “It's always been a problem, mind of it's own.” He said and moved into the younger male's touch. He could almost hear Alec's voice in his mind, ”Tell me your Sin Tristan, while I have you here moaning from my touch.. such a bad boy..” He pushed the evil voice out of his mind as he licked his lips, He wanted to see Jason nude, wanted to see his skin, wanted to trace his sex with his tongue. His hands fall into Jason's lap as he started to undo the zipper and belt, anything he found there blocking his away.

Jason whined happily and pressed up into the other's hands. He'd come straight from the club, so he'd only taken the time to shimmy on a pair of jeans over the g-string he'd worn off stage. That and a loose button-down shirt were all that blocked Tristan's hands from anywhere he wanted to explore.

He grinned at the other man's response and leaned down, pressing a kiss at the juncture of his neck and jaw. He swept his fingers over the tip of Tristan's cock, smoothing the liquid gathered there over the head. Then he moved his hand down, slowly, his attention fixed on Tristan's reactions so he could gage what the man liked most.

Jason was a thing of beauty to the follower of Odin, he could feel the magic in the other's blood. How it called out to him, to nip, suck, and lick, every inch, every single inch that made up the were-wolf. His touch flared with rune magic for just a moment but he moved his fingers from the other's skin. Tristan was just to used to using the magic in this act.

It would be very clear that he was holding back something of himself. As he removed Jason's shirt, his lips fall to Jason's neck, sucking the skin into his mouth. The wolf as there under the other's skin, hiding there. Tristan wonder for a moment what it would be like to have it come out. No, that was the monster inside him again. Once Jason's shirt is gone, Tristan's hand sneaks into Jason's tong, his hand cupping and rubbing his sex.

Jason's beast flared up in response to the other man's runes, seeking out the power that called to it. He had the experience to keep it down, but it was hard, the wolf was fascinated by this other man who had all this energy but it was creeping outside his skin, wolf and not-wolf all at the same time. It was like being with another were, but different, because he knew there wasn't a beast there, even though there was the power and aura of one.

He closed his eyes and pressed into Tristan's palm, letting the pleasure flash through him. The memory of Zane's hands touching him like this pushed to the surface, but he pressed them back, clinging to the other wolf power to help chase them away. In a split-second decision, he brought his hand under Tristan's balls, rubbing his fingers over the other man's entrance. He wanted this experience to be as different from anything with Zane as it could be, to drive the leopard from his mind.

Yes there was the wolf, hiding there in the skin, bone and blood. He rubbed this new lover's sex, cupping it in his hand. Tristan fall back on to the pillows, so that Jason could touch him more freely, he knew what Jason wanted and knew that it was also what he wanted. He took the hand cream once again into his hands he smeared int into his fingers not having anything else to use for lube.

Yes, he had been taken before with out the use of anything. He did not want to feel the pain tonight, his hand found Jason's sex again, rubbing the cream into him. “Mon chiot doux, viennent à moi.” His words were that of a call, his hand tugged the sex towards him. So warm, not cool he was used to. Would Jason hurt him like Alec did? What would it feel like?

Jason moaned quietly, pressing more into Tristan's hand and reaching to take the cream from him. He slicked his fingers, pressing one into Tristan's body carefully, giving him time to adjust before he added a second. He pressed a kiss against the other man's neck, then another, moving up closer to his jaw each time. It was a distraction, something to force him to slow down and take his time as he prepared the other man. It had been a long time and he didn't want to rush things and take the risk of hurting him

Tristan moaned his hand holding tightly on to the wolf for a moment, he just couldn't do anything but feel those lovely fingers with in him. He looked at Jason, “Now.. please.” He asked his new lover. He removed his hand from Jason, his hand going to Jason's head as he pulled him close to him, making it so that their lips could touch. He made loved to Jason's mouth with his own. This was a kiss that was meant to try to touch the other's soul. Tristan poured himself into the kiss.

Jason gasped, arching in and returning the kiss deeply, sweeping his tongue into the other's mouth. He felt the passion in the kiss and he reveled in it, pressing in closer to Tristan. This was what he wanted, what he'd been trying to coax out of Zane for years.

He rubbed against the other man, lining up against his entrance and pushing into him slowly. He gasped as his cock was enveloped, settling inside him and kissing him again, sealing the entire length of their bodies together.

They were joined together, sealed together, he could feel Jason inside of him so warm. It was was so different from Alec, the pain not there, perhaps he was merely used to having something that deep inside him now. He ran his fingers over Jason's back his eyes closed as he kissed the wolf. He could still almost feel Alec's touch upon his body, like Jason was making him remember, was making him forget. Tristan moved his hips slowly so that he could enjoy the feeling of Jason deep inside of him. So that he could lose himself in the feelings, like he was losing himself in the kiss that seemed to cook him from the inside out.

Jason rocked against Tristan slowly, tightening his hand and beginning to stroke him again. He continued the kiss, never moving away from Tristan, keeping their bodies pressed close together. He began speeding up, pulling almost completely out of him before pressing back in, bringing them together again.

There was an ache across his skin because of the burns that littered his body. He ingored them however because he knew that this pleasure would not come again. The burns? Well, they were like a bad sun burn a few days old. He moaned and in the back of his mind he there was Alec. There was the magic, the old magic that the vampire had worked on him. The desire to use the magic now to touch the wolf deep with in Jason. Yet, that would be very wrong. Besides the burns, across the burned and not burned skin the runes faintly appeared.

Jason had started out with every effort to be gentle, he knew Tristan was injured, but it was harder to remember with every thrust. The runes cast a dim light over their bodies, their warmth calling out to the beast within him, which renewed its struggle to push to the surface. He pushed it down firmly, burying himself deep in Tristan's body again, but he remembered to hold himself a little away so that he didn't scrape against the raw skin.

He pressed his back deep inside of himself, not wanting to cause something bad. The only reason his body had to be reacting like this had to do with Alec. That had to be, his eyes close tightly, “Oh, Jason.” he mumbled upon the wolf's lips. Did he know what he was doing to him? Did he know how much he needed the touches, th pleasure and the pain. Tristan tired to remind himself that this was only kindness not something with a deep sweet meaning. Could there be? No he should not pretend to think there could be.

Jason knew exactly what Tristan was feeling, if only because he'd been there several times himself. "Shhh," he hushed, pressing a soft kiss to Tristan's lips to chase away the words. He gave another gentle thrust and smiled slightly. "If you're still able to think, I'm doing something wrong," he teased, dragging his fingers over Tristan's shaft.

The gentleness was something very new to him, something that he wasn't sure how to deal with. His legs parted and moved around Jase just a bit more to hold him close. He moaned at the touch of those fingers upon his cock. His lips pressed to Jason's again, wanting to taste him, to drink the sweetness that is his lips.

Jase returned the kiss, nibbling ever-so-lightly on Tristan's lower lip. This really wasn't anything usual for him, either, but he knew how badly Tristan had been hurt before, and whatever else he wanted from him, more pain wasn't part of that. He angled his hips up and thrust again, searching for Tristan's prostate. He wanted this to be good for the other man -- after all, if it wasn't, he probably wouldn't be getting another chance.

Sparks of light seemed to fill his mind as his prostate was rubbed upon by Jason's very hard sex. His hips shot up and back forcing Jason in him a little faster, a little harder. His hands were now holding the other's hips, his eyes half closed from pleasure as he moaned. A few swear words in french.

Jason moaned in surprise as Tristan moved, then smirked, pulling his hips back. With another sharp jerk, he hit the same place again, harder this time, and forced his eyes to stay open so he could watch the other man react.

Jason felt like he was suddenly waking up from a dream. The person he'd slowly been turning into these past few years -- weak, whiny, completely dependent on others' whims -- that Jason was evaporating further with every thrust of his hips as he watched Tristan writhe and remembered who he used to be.

The wolf as a skilled lover, Tristan opened his eyes and looked at Jason, watching his face as his lover watched his own. He pulled Jason closer and moved his hips to match the steady dance that the wolf had set. However he moved a little faster, a little harder. He could see the runes and magic upon Jason, he could see how it there across his skin, this was not magic that came from being a were wolf, this had the taste of Alec behind it. He would have to speak to Julianna about... About what? “Fuck,” he mumbled moved a little faster.

Jason moaned in agreement and leaned down to kiss him again. He matched the pace of his hand on Tristan's cock to the rhythm he was building as he pounded into him. Completely unaware of any runes rising off him, he pressed closer to the man, basking in the warmth of the magic.

He didn't want to come as fast as he was, but because of the fact that he been hard for a very long time and playing with himself for a very long time. And now? That feeling that Jason has fucked into him. He held on tighter to Jason as his body moved nice and hard to feel the wolf inside him, all around him.

Jason kept his hand steady on Tristan's length, rubbing his thumb over the head and down along the vein to his base. He, too, was very close to his peak. He thrust into Tristan quickly, almost overpowered by the tight clench of his muscles around him, but more by the thoughts still spinning through his head.

He was coming back to himself now. He'd spent too much time of his life seeking out love and settling for too little -- why should he accept the half-relationships Zane and Jean-Claude had offered him? He could get more, if he'd just stop crippling himself. He could get this.

His free hand tightened on Tristan's hip and he kissed him again. With one final thrust, he came, emptying himself into the other man.
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