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Nov. 13, 8:00 pm, Circus of the Damned

Nathaniel keeps an appointment with Asher.

Nathaniel moved through the hallways under Circus of the Damned with a graceful step. He was wearing a pair of pants made for him by Tom Cat, dark cloth looped with straps up the legs, and a long sleeved top that hugged his slim torso and shoulders. It was a while before he'd be onstage that night at Guilty Pleasures, and he had an appointment to keep.

Nathaniel knocked on the door to Asher's suite. It would be the first time he had visited the vampire since his time with Alec, and he felt a moment of panic, if Asher would still be willing to even want to continue their arrangement. There was Julianna to consider now, too; an added dimension of challenge to the threads of relationship that he and Asher had established.

Anita had been hesitant to agree to it at first. Nathaniel needed more than she was willing to give, or even knew how, and it was that fact that that finally swayed her to accept Asher as both tutor and occasional provider for Nathaniel's need for bondage. It had been Jean-Claude's suggestion, actually, that Asher be the one to help. Nathaniel had known long ago that Asher's interest in him was more than surface attraction; he was no stranger to having others lust for his body, both men and women, and Asher had not hidden his desire for him. Anita had regretted leaving him at home, and had urged them to continue meeting while she was away. But they had only had a few sessions together before, even less with Anita, and it had been only a week since

Asher had been running a bit late, his hair still wet from the bath that he just gotten out of, he was still dressed in his robe. However, he would have Nathaniel sit with him while he dressed. Asher opened the door and looked out at Nathaniel as he stood in the doorway. His eyes moved over his body. "Come in, mon chat, " he said turning away from the door. He moved toward his closet as if he needed to find something, but to be truthful he merely wanted to give the cat some time to enter.

Nathaniel slipped into the room and stood in the middle of the floor, waiting. Asher was pleasant to watch, and it seemed that he wasn't uncomfortable showing his body, scars and all, to Nathaniel.

"Close the door," Asher said as he looked around to see the other. He turned and watched him, his eyes going over Nathaniel's body again. The pants were a nice touch; he would have to thank Tom for making those.

Without a word or hesitation, Nathaniel shut the door and went back to standing in the middle of the floor. His expression was calm and trusting; only his eyes showed any anticipation.

Asher turned around fully and looked at him. "How are you feeling tonight, mon chat?" he asked, his voice soft as he dropped the robe. Nude now, his hair barely set to cover his face, he moved over to the other male, placing a hand along his face.

"Eager," Nathaniel answered. "And hesitant. I don't know how you'd feel now, since Alec. Since I..met Julianna." He looked up at Asher for a quick moment, a flash of lavender, without meeting his gaze.

"Nothing has changed between us...Well, perhaps it has: you saved Mon Julianna, which makes you even more dear to my heart." He smiled sightly as he placed a hand on Nathaniel's neck. "How eager, mon chat? What are your desires?"

Had Julianna not told Asher what he had done to her? Should he tell him? Nathaniel fretted over the thought. Not his responsibility, most likely. "I want to continue our appointments," he said simply. "I want to feed you, to please you. I want your touch. "

"Very good." Asher whispered, "I miss the taste of you upon my tongue.." He tugged on one of the straps on the slacks. "Tell me, do you like our Thomas? Should I worry about losing you to him?" he asked as he pressed a kiss upon the smooth skin.

Nathaniel shivered as the strap tightened around his upper thigh. "No, Asher, I am yours," he replied breathlessly. "I do like him, but I am yours."

"Very good, mon Chat, very good..." Asher said as he tugged one more strap, this one closer to Nathaniel's sex. "I've missed you in my rooms, missed the smell of you here," he said as he pressed a kiss to the other's jaw, "Missed the taste of you.."

Nathaniel leaned his head back with a sigh, eyes fluttering closed. He offered his neck to Asher, his complacent, eager body to him. Asher's very presence was seductive, and Nathaniel wanted to lose himself in that seduction again, just wanted to have some simplicity in his fulfillment. He knew the rules here, knew the game, and he trusted Asher to know and follow them, too.

Asher grinned. Yes, he wanted to bite the feline now, but there was something to say about foreplay. He pulled the shirt that Nathaniel was wearing, yanking it upwards, "I want this off," he ordered, "now."

Eyes still closed, Nathaniel peeled the shirt off, his hair snaking through the collar in a long auburn trail. He let it flutter to the floor.

"Good cat," Asher said as he pulled away. It was only for a moment before he moved forward again, undoing the straps only to do them together and tightly so that the cat's legs would be bound together. "I shall have to thank Tom-cat for his lovely gift," he said as he secured the last straps.

Nathaniel made a small sound as the straps hobbled him, just thinking of how Asher could thank Tom. It had a lot of possibilities... He was effectively immobilized from the legs down now, only his arms free. He could feel his heartbeat speed up.

Asher picked up the long-haired male and threw him onto the bed. "Hands above your head, grab the head board." He moved around the other side of the bed, his eyes going over Nathaniel.

Nathaniel's arms reached up and grabbed at the headboard. His breath had been knocked out of him in a rush as he hit the bed, and he gulped air as he waited. He could feel his body stiffen, his mind begin to slip into that wonderful space inside. He wanted to whimper, to beg, but he knew Asher wanted him silent for the moment.

Asher placed his hand upon Nathaniel's chest, running his fingers over the smooth skin. "So perfect, Mon Chat," he whispered. His fingers moved around Nathaniel's nipple, and he pulled with a hard yank. "Are you getting hard in those slacks? Will we have to send them out to be dry cleaned?"

Nathaniel let out a squeak and nodded. He was getting hard, hard enough to strain the confines of the pants and the leg straps. He could maintain the state for a while--he had been trained to--but this was just the start. Asher wasn't hard, and maybe wouldn't be, especially if he hadn't fed. The very beginnings of a chemical tease was winding through him, the first of many to come. Asher had had centuries to hone his skills as a top, and they had some time for their session tonight.

Asher grinned and moved back from the bed. "Will you be able to keep your hands there or shall I tie them as well?" he asked, throwing his hair over his shoulder. "I have some very wicked plans for you, my pet."

Nathaniel considered. He preferred being bound, but he was going to be onstage later. Asher knew that, though, so anything he was planning would take that into consideration. "Bind me, please," he asked quietly.

Asher nodded and moved back to where his robe was on the floor. He took the belt from the robe and moved back to the bed. "Very well, " he said, his voice soft as he leaned over Nathaniel's face, allowing him to see his sex. Asher wasn't hard, he hadn't feed yet. He was saving that for the right moment.

Nathaniel gazed openly at Asher. Several of the scars carved deep runnels over his hip and the uppermost part of his thigh, in sharp contrast to the opposite perfect hip. A single thick scar, paler than the pale skin, snaked down into the fold. The slightly darker flesh it had cut across was smooth, however; the result of a surgery not long ago. Asher was as perfect there as he had been previously. The sight of it unripe so close to him made Nathaniel want to reach up and toy with it, to pleasure the vampire with all his ability. All he could do was look as he was bound to the headboard.

Asher had so many plans that he wanted to act out, but he noted the way the feline looked at his body. Asher's hand moved to his sex. Still leaning over the cat, he rubbed the tip of his sex along Nathaniel's lips.

Nathaniel strained his head forward, feeling the strong silk belt that wrapped around his wrists and through the sturdy headboard tug at his arms and shoulders. He licked at Asher with long gentle laps, the barest touch of his tongue. He drew in the tip and gave it several light sucks. He kept his wide eyes looking up at him, knowing he couldn't physically arouse him yet, but that it was still pleasurable.

Asher pulled away and slapped Nathaniel hard across the face, "Did I tell you that you could do that?" he said, his voice hard. He hissed, "Did I say you could touch me?" Moving back, he gave Nathaniel a dirty look.

Nathaniel dropped his eyes down, the numbing sting of the slap prickling across his face with a blush. "No, Asher," he said contritely.

Asher nodded. "Do you want my cock, cat?" he asked. His hand moved through Nathaniel's hair, yanking it back towards the bed. His eyes moved over his face, holding his cock an inch from Nathaniel's lips.

Nathaniel whimpered, his eyes open again and filled with want. He strained against the bonds on his limbs, the iron grip in his hair. "Please," he begged, gasping. "Please, Asher..."

"Please what?" he asked. His other hand moved to Nathaniel's nipple. He pulled it with a sharp twist and he held it there, letting the pain flood though the feline. "Give me details of what you want to do and perhaps I will allow it."

Nathaniel gave a cry at the sharp pain, twisting against his bindings. "Bleed me, feed from me, and I'll pleasure you, any way you want, anything!" He was hard now, the ache beginning to set in. He could go a long time that way, riding the anticipation.

"Lick me," Asher ordered, his hand still in the cat's hair. He moved so that he was on the bed with the other, kneeling over him. He removed his hands from Nathaniel's body, placing them again on his chest, his nails running over the sensitive skin.

Nathaniel shifted against the bed, the press of the nails biting into him. He leaned up as far as he was able--and it wasn't very far--and licked out, his tongue lapping at the soft flesh.

He was pleased at the feelings that Nathaniel could call up in him. His finger tips rolled over the wereleopard's nipples, the nails dragging on the outside area. "That's it, Mon Chat, let me feel that wicked tongue of yours!" Asher licked his lips. The smell of Nathaniel's rich blood was just under the skin, calling out to him. He would lean down at any moment and bite the cat. However now was not the time, not yet. His thumb and forefinger yanked hard at one of the nipples with a sharp twist, not enough to tear the skin from the body, but enough to cause a good amount of the pain that the man under him enjoyed.

Nathaniel groaned around his licking, his eyes rolling up and eyelids fluttering. His confined flesh was painfully swollen against the cloth of the pants, so swollen he could feel the cut of the straps against the crease of his inner thigh. It rubbed against him teasingly. With Asher's weight settled over his lower chest and his arms so tightly bound above him, leaning up strained his arms and neck, trembling with the effort and pleasure. He rolled Asher on his tongue, wanting to draw him in his mouth playfully.

Asher reached back and pulled the strap across Nathaniel's sex tighter. It was just tight enough that he could now detail the other's cock though the slacks. He removed his hand then pulled back so that his sex was no longer in reach of Nathaniel' sweet mouth. He moved over to the dresser where a white candle was burning brightly. He had set up the candle just for this. "Look at how hard your nipples are, they are aching like small little cocks, aren't they? Or are they just cold?" he asked as he ran the warm bottom of the candle over the bound man's chest and neck. not spilling the wax just yet.

Nathaniel's head fell back into a nest of his hair as Asher moved away. He was panting, lips wet and red. He stared up at the ceiling with a distant look, relishing every sensation. "Cold, cold," he muttered, "So cold, warm me, Asher, please..." The candle stub traced over him as a soft sweet warmth, so steady. Not a drop of wax fell from the burning light, the wick flickering with the motion. Nathaniel hoped he wouldn't burst in the restraints, appreciating Asher's balance of arousal and withdrawal.

Asher smirked just sightly as he tipped the candle to the right allowing the wax to fall on Nathaniel's shoulder, mindful of the cat's long hair. He leaned back, his eyes fixed where the wax was resting. "How is that? This candle is made to burn hotter than a normal candle, Mon Chat, it's made for this." He tilted the candle again, going from where Nathaniel's neck met his chest to his belly button. He circled the belly button, then placed the candle down on the side table. He moved closer to the cat, his lips resting just above where the wax coated him. He took an unneeded breath then blew it over the heated wax and sensitive skin.

Nathaniel sucked in air in a long moan. He tried to keep his body still, not shift the wax from the points where it pooled along his skin. The tightening of the wax under Asher's breath danced over his nerves in a web of heat. "Thank you, thank you," he murmured. "Warm, yes, so good, so good..."

"Good cat," Asher said, undoing the pants so that he could pull out Nathaniel's sex. It wasn't all that difficult: the upper straps loosened, the part drawn out and placed, then the straps refastened. It pleased him. He ran the back of his finger nail over the sensitive skin. His free hand went for the candle again, this time spilling the wax across the cat's chest making something that almost looked like a cross.

A shiver rushed over all of his body as Asher adjusted the straps and pulled him out. The brief moment of freedom surged his blood, only to be tied again, the blush of his erection framed in the slacks. The wax slashed across his chest as Asher focused his touch lower and he bowed his shoulders against the bed with a small, half-strangled cry.

Asher laughed softly, enjoying the pleasure he heard in the cries from the cat. His fingers tightened around the candle as he brought the base of the candle next to Nathaniel's penis, his fingers going over the sensitive skin, holding it in place while he rubbed the candle there. The wax spilled just sightly on the base. Asher leaned down blowing on the wax to make it cool quickly, wanting Nathaniel to feel both sensations. He grinned at the cat as he placed the candle near the other's belly button again. He spilled the wax there once more, making a circle, painting him with the wax. o

The sudden splash of hot wax over his aching flesh was so exquisitely painful that Nathaniel gave a loud cry. His body tried to curl around the pain and he writhed on the bed, his hips angling up. The wax quivered on his belly, threatening to run in drops in every direction. He gazed down at Asher's golden crown of hair with wide eyes, bright and shining. "Asher, please, please!" he begged. He rolled his shoulders up again, his neck bent and head back, and he gave another cry, raw and wild.

Another laugh this time low and filled with lust came from his lips. "Please what, mon chat?" He asked his eyes fixed on the wax covered body. He moved the candle over the other's sex, with a tilt he spills the wax over it. He was pleased with himself. Perhaps next time it would be fire, or perhaps that lovely cat of nine tails.

Nathaniel screamed as the wax hit him in the most intimate of places. He strained against the belt at his wrists, the straps holding his legs so tightly together. His whole body shuddered. "Please finish it," he hissed through gritted teeth. His eyes had begun to water. "Please, ohgod, please!"

He put the candle out and nodded. He moved onto the bed, crawling up towards the cat's heat, his cool body dragging over the cool wax. He stopped once to nip the wax from one of Nathaniel's nipples, then quickly he moved on, taking the path to the cat's neck once more. His hand yanked Nathaniel's neck to one side as his eyes smoothed over the skin. "You may cum," he said in a deep, lust-filled voice. It was not even a second later that Asher put his fangs into skin and started to drink. Asher gave a sight groan at the wonderful taste as he rolled the cat nice and hard.

Nathaniel sank into the bliss of Asher's bite. His body spasmed, a long thrust shivering through him as he burst. The wax sealing him in crumbled, spilling him out in a milky fountain. He sighed in satisfaction, lost in the pleasure of it.

"Mon bon chat de chat.." He whispered into to Nathaniel's ear as he pulled back from drinking his fill, his eyes moved over the cat's face. "Ah, vous m'avez obtenu tout le chat sale et mauvais, chat très mauvais." He licked his lips, sitting back on the bed. He untied Nathaniel's hands. "How do you feel?" he asked speaking now in English. There was still lust in his voice, yet he knew there was much that had to be done tonight.

His arms loose, Nathaniel let them fall around him where he lay over the puddle of his hair, his eyes unfocused. He simply breathed for a few moments, the steady rise and fall of his chest slowing to a calm wave. "That was wonderful," he said softly. He glanced down at the remains of the wax and the tracery of the burns. The marks would fade quickly, more quickly than he would have liked, but at least they wouldn't be visible on stage.

Asher worked on the removal of the slacks, removing them, then took one step back. He nodded, his cock with was hard now that it could be. The sight of the wax and cum painted over the feline was a lovely sight. "Kneel before me, Mon Chat."

Freed from all of his restraints, Nathaniel slipped off the bed with a graceful roll, crawling toward the vampire with his hair falling like a cloak across his back. He moved up to Asher, rising to his knees.

Asher's hand moved into Nathaniel's hair, pulling it tight. He forced the cat's face towards his cock. "Open your mouth," he ordered, yanking the hair once more. He truly loved Nathaniel's hair, loved the feel of it in his hand, the way it floated though his fingers.

Nathaniel let his head fall back, following the tension on his hair. His mouth dropped open, his eyes focused and fixed on Asher with purple intensity. Asher was full and beautifully ripe before him, and the fact that it was his blood that had achieved that state for Asher quickened his pulse once more.

Asher thrust his hips toward Nathaniel's lips, his free hand putting the head of his cock between the long-haired beauty's lips. "Suck," he ordered. The mere feeling of those warm lips around him was enough to make the vampire moan. His hand stayed tight in the other's hair, his fingers tugging on it lightly now.

Nathaniel sucked Asher in, caressing him with his lips, so gentle but so constant a pull. He worked his way along the length of him, fighting against the vampire's grip on his hair, the prickle of the strands. Asher had pleasured him, and given him enough for his needs, and he had earned this.

Asher moaned, his body tense for just a moment as he let go of the long hair. He placed his hands on either side of Nathaniel's head. He started to fuck that sweet mouth that was holding him so lovingly in that dark heat. He nibbled across his own lip, just to get a slight taste of blood. His fingers messing themselves into Nathaniel's hair, he held him just a little tighter.

Beneath him, Nathaniel relaxed his lips around Asher, letting him slam into his mouth with a forming rhythm. The brief moments of gagging were paced with the slide of hard muscle, regular and strong. He hummed in the back of his throat, almost a purr, and tipped his tongue up to stroke the underside.

Asher moaned. Normally he would last a little longer; however tonight, he wanted his pleasure fulfilled, to be on time--there was a letter waiting to be sent off to Julianna. He thrust forward again, going faster. "Oh, Mon chat.." He was getting close, close enough to give Nathaniel a good drink.

The pace growing more frantic, Nathaniel rocked his head, matching Asher's rhythm. He took him deep, deep to the root, forcing him down as his throat convulsed around him. He felt his own body respond once more, and he moaned around him.

Asher swore in French as his pleasure overtook him. The small death, the great pleasure shook his body, as his hands tightened upon Nathaniel's head holding him in place. "Good Cat.. very good cat.. Mon chat.." he mumbled.

Nathaniel gulped and swallowed as Asher pulsed into him, a hot line searing down his throat to his belly. He felt his own pained flesh tremble and tense. The clean metallic taste rolled around his mouth, the faint trace of his own blood, and he lost himself to it, his beast rising with a pleasureful yowl. He closed himself around it, pushing it back even as he spilled at Asher's feet. He needed to be human on stage tonight, at least at the beginning.

"Good pussy cat," he grinned. His eyes moved over his pet's face. He stepped back, taking a deep, unneeded breath. "I need to take another shower. Will you join me, Nathaniel?"

Nathaniel smiled up at him and lifted his hand. "Of course," he answered, his voice low and rough. He got to his feet to follow him. He felt like he was floating, riding the afterglow. He wondered what Anita would have thought of what he had just done with Asher, whether she would ever understand or at least accept that he needed this, that it was so much a part of him. She might not, and he felt a twinge of sadness at that. But he followed Asher into the washroom, pushing away the thought. For now, this was all he needed and was satisfied.

WARNING: NC-17 [BDSM, explicit sexual situations]
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