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Nov. 13, 11 PM, an alley outside the blood quarter.

Raphael finds a surprise cowering behind a dumpster.

Logan sat, semi-conscious, against the wall of an alley, his hand wedged between a brick wall and a dumpster to keep him upright. He was upright and his eyes were open, but for all it mattered, he might as well have still been sprawled on the pavement. The inside of his head felt raw, his eye-sockets tender. Every muscle in his body ached from the bottom up. The pain was dull and absent until he tried to move, and then it came screaming to life. If he weren't certain he knew better, he'd say he had a hangover. But that wasn't possible for a vampire. At least, he didn't think it was.

Raphael was tired beyond belief, he had spent his day off roaming around the city because Bobby Lee had commented that the city rats were acting odd. So here he was roaming the back alleys for any sign of what might upset his tiniest charges from their normal routines. He scented the air and gave a small sneeze, it reeked of vampire here they were his allies. Raphael peered around a corner and gasped at the sight of a young man and something furry smelling of blood. He knew that smell…It was Fluffy but there was no greeting from his favorite rat.

Footsteps. They sounded like drumbeats ringing inside his skull. Logan gave out a quiet moan, trying both to stagger to his feet and curl into a protective ball. To human eyes, he'd be nearly invisible, but the streetlights at the end of the alley cast enough of a glow to leave him plainly visible to anyone with enhanced eyesight. The power of the were-rat washed over him, but he didn't have the experience or the skill to identify it for what it was. It made him whimper and curl up tighter, pressing back into the corner made by the wall and the dumpster.

He wanted to leave the vampire to fend for himself and he also wanted to beat the vampire for hurting his trained rat but, neither of those things would earn him favor in his God’s eyes. Raphael kneeled down next to the cringing vampire and sniffed the young man. It really was amazing watching the young ones especially when they didn’t know what to do. “It’s going to be ok, I wont hurt you…” Much. The young one would learn not to hurt his rats without permission but that would come later. “Are you hungry?” It was a dumb question but hey, it was best to ask first before he stuck his wrist in the mans face.

Logan looked up, blinking at the man before him. He'd heard him enter the alley, but after that he'd just suddenly seemed there. It didn't seem right, but then again, he didn't have any idea of what "right" was anymore.
The words didn't penetrate so much as the tone. It was kind, of all things. It helped him focus enough to make sense of what he was being asked. "No, thank you," he whispered. He hadn't talked in days, and it took him several tries to grind the words out through his disused throat.

Raphael rolled his eyes and tilted Logan’s head up so that he could look the man in his eyes indirectly. Would this one feel better if he forced blood onto him or if just drug him to Jean-Claude? “If you say so Mr. … Whats your name?” Step one is to distract the vampire in hopes of information, step two will be getting him something real to eat. He took a deep breath and pulled his energy slowly into himself, perhaps if he wasn’t leaking so bad the vampire wouldn’t shudder so bad.

"Logan Donahue," he managed. He appreciated the effort, or at least the lessening of the power around them, but it didn't noticeably help the shuddering. There were too many sensations, just eliminating one wasn't going to help. Part of it was a steady diet of animal blood, but the constant stress and terror weighed in, too.

It helped, though, even just having something solid to focus on helped. Logan met Raphael's eyes when he was forced to, surprised -- wasn't one of the rules that you were never supposed to look someone like him in the eyes? But he took in the face he was looking at. "Who're you?" It was blunt, yeah, but he'd make it up to him later. He just wanted to know.

Raphael honestly laughed at Logan’s question. It had been so long since someone outside of the rodere had asked him anything so candidly well besides Zane. Zane was a special case though. “Raphael, I taught the little furry thing you drained how to play dead.” Funny how Fluffy wouldn’t be doing that trick anymore. He ran his hand along Logan's cheek and smiled, it was sad that humans were turned so young. The young ones always reminded him of his son. “I know your not really hungry but you need something better than Fluffy blood in you alright?”

"Fluffy?" Logan blinked, flinching away from the hand and curling up, scrubbing at his aching eyes with his palms. Oh, god. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was a pet, I thought --" It didn't really matter what he thought. He'd slaughtered the nice man's pet rodent. He didn't even know why Raphael was being so nice to him, he'd understand if the man were furious. God, he was a monster. A pet-murdering, babbling monster.

Raphael sighed and forced Logan’s hands to be still for just a moment. “ can always help me train a new Fluffy alright? Just no kicking yourself over this.” Why was he being nice? He didn’t really know. In all rights he should be screaming but something made him want to take care of this misguided vampire until he could be handed off to someone better could take care of him. He pulled back his sleeve and waved his wrist in front of Logan, might as well let the boy see what a wererat tasted like before smacking him upside the head. “Come on.. Grade A rat-kabob here and I’m full of all the yummy things you need.” Especially if one wanted to get a nice power buzz going.

Logan looked up at him, wondering the same thing. If it were his pet rat -- well, he'd never have a pet rat, but just going with it -- he'd be furious.

He didn't get the crack about rat-kabob, but he knew enough to get what he was being offered. He could practically see the vein pulsing beneath the skin. He dragged his fangs over the inside of his lip in anticipation -- then he realized what he was doing and slammed them shut, fast and hard enough to nick himself. He pushed the arm away, not wanting to give a verbal refusal. He didn't trust himself to open his mouth again.

Raphael growled, his chest rumbling as his power flickered through him fiercely. His rat didn’t like the idea of one so submissive refusing the will of an alpha but this wasn’t a rat they were dealing with before him. “Listen kid. You aren't going to hurt me, I’ve had my ass handed to me on a platter several times and I’m still here so just bite me.” He held his hand in Logan's field of vision and let it slowly shift into a clawed paw. Maybe the kid would get the idea once he saw the parlor tricks that Raphael could do. Either that or Raphael was dragging the boy to the Circus.

Logan looked between the man's face and his hand, instinctively trying to move back from the were. His back hit the dumpster, preventing him from moving any further, but he pulled his knees up as a barrier between himself and the other man. He didn't know if his hand had really... done that... or if it was his own head imagining things. "I don't want to bite -- anyone," he said finally, since finishing the sentence with 'you' didn't seem diplomatic. Besides, it was true.

With a small nod Raphael let his hand change back into its human form and gave a tight smile. “Hate to break it to you Logan but you have to bite someone or at least drink their blood.” He slowly stood up and stretched out his legs as he watched the younger man. “I do believe I might know someone who can help you.” If Logan didn’t want his help then he would hand the male over to the vampires and let them knock the boy about until he drank some real blood. He started down the alleyway and stopped to look back at Logan. “Of course your going to have to come with me. We cant have you hiding.”

Logan looked up from where he sat, watching as the man made his way out of the alley. "I can't... Can't I just drink from animals? It's blood..." Logan shook his head, hugging himself. He didn't like the idea of biting someone or taking blood from them. It just seemed invasive.

Raphael was definitely being nice, though -- much nicer than he deserved, or expected. He looked to him, hoping to find some sense of understanding. "I have to go to Los Angeles," hoping the rat-man would be able to help him in some way.

Raphael ran his hand through his hair and sighed, oh this wasn’t a good thing. “Sorry Logan but you need something more than animals can give you or your just going to… well degrade” That was the nicest way he could put things without shocking Logan. Now Raphael understood why vampires usually watched over the newly turned. He held out a hand in hopes that Logan would join him. “I might be able to help you get some word to whoever is there. We just need to get you someplace safe.” Although safe was a relative term but for now the circus was safe.

Logan looked at the man's hand, hesitating, but then taking it. He'd been so kind, after all, and... maybe...
He wouldn't feed on humans. Raphael could be wrong. He'd find another way. But if the other man knew someone who could help him get to LA, that was enough. He stood and came up next to the man, his muscles wracking heavily, but supporting him for the time, and looked up at him with absolute trust.

Raphael shook his head at the naive trust in this one that would have been shattered to pieces if he had to meet the old Master of the City. He slid his arm around Logan’s waist and helped him move down the street. Thankfully all the humans would just think he was helping a drunk friend home, oh how little did they know. He gently tapped Logan’s arm with his fingers half afraid he would break the young vampire. “Now just remember that you owe me for Fluffy back there so you have to take care of yourself.” It was slightly underhanded to make Logan think that he owed a debt to someone but, if it got the man through one more night than it would be worth it.

Logan shrunk further into himself at the mention. "I really am sorry," he whispered, looking at the ground. It was convenient, because he really needed all his attention on one foot going in front of the other. He leaned heavily on Raphael. Every muscle in his body felt like it was on fire, like the fire was burning through his body. He didn't like it at all, but if it was the rats causing it -- well, he'd just find something else.
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