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A week has passed since Alec's death. The police have no leads on the mysterious murders, and the media have turned to more immediate stories, now that the killings have ceased as suddenly as they had begun.

As the days have gone by, things have been quiet but not dull.

Nathaniel has begun the process of healing the mental scars left by Alec, as is Stephen. Zane has agreed to treatment and counseling for his addictions. Dr. Lillian is overseeing most of their care.

Jason still suffers lingering effects of the spell binding him to the now two-week old Anna. Anna is being cared for by Tristan, Julianna and Nathaniel in addition to Jason. Anna's father is still unknown, and there's been no discussion of turning her over to Child Protective Services.

Julianna, Asher and Jean-Claude are still struggling with their reunion after centuries of separation. Jean-Claude has called home one of his most recent children, TomCat, at Asher's request. An excellent tailor and fashion designer, TomCat is in charge of designing a new wardrobe for Julianna.

Raphael wishes to cement his alliance to Jean-Claude even more. They continue to negotiate over local politics.

Anita and Micah have been called away to help in strengthening the growing groups of lycanthropes entering the Coalition around the country, and public relations with other Kisses. Anita is taking an extended leave from Animators, Inc. and her police work, a vacation long overdue. With her and Micah are Damian, London, and several representatives of the various weregroups, to help with the business, the ardeur, and Anita's growing collection of beasts.

Richard has remained behind. Desperate in wanting to overcome his denial of being a werewolf and wanting his pack to remain strong, he has re-dedicated himself to being the Ulfric. Tension between him and Jean-Claude are still high, but they continue to work toward an understanding of each others' place in their triumvirate.

But now there's a new wolf in town...

[This game will run until SUNDAY, JULY 1, 2007]
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