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Guilty Pleasures, around 2 in the morning.

The car ride over from the airport had been a quiet one, Tom liked the were wolf but was unsure how to respond other then the gentle way he did of greeting the other. He was a bit restless being back in St. Louis again, it was like coming home after being away for a long time. He was going to see his sire again, he was going to be near to him and feel him. When they finely got to the place his sire calls home Tom seemed to bloom a little. He and Jason were now walking down the hall way of doors. Tom was going to have his own room. Perhaps his sire remembered how he and Kitty needed their own quiet place at least to sew. "I haven't thanked you for picking me up, I'm sorry.

"Hey no problem." Jason flashed a bright grin at the other man as they walked. The werewolf had always had a particular bounce to his pace, but he smoothed it out a little so as to remain next to Tom. He didn't know much about him, but was eager to. He liked the quiet manner Tom had, it was calming. "So back home huh? Must be weird. You excited?" They had a few more doorways to get past and Jason was always one for questions.

Tom watched him, noting the way his clothing fall and his movements were. "Yes, I haven't seen Papa.., I mean Jean Claude in a very long time. " He said with a faint smile, as if he was going to go still and remember. However it didn't happen and he merely tilted his head and looked at Jason, "What is it like here now that my Sire is master of the city?"

"It's hectic," Jason said without hesitation. He paused and nodded, satisfied with the word. "Yeah, hectic pretty much sums it up, but not because of Jean-Claude. He's kind of the peace maker in these parts." He laughed ruefully and shook his head, as he often did when his thoughts turned to Anita Blake. "See there's this Executioner, she's got a great heart, and a great bod," he winked at Tom, "but she tends to...well, trouble follows her around like a newborn puppy."

"I've seen her picture, her body is well made, through some of her clothing leave something to be desired." He said with a little frown. "Does she care for Jean Claude? Are they in love like the papers say they are?" He asked a bit worried. "I fear for Jean Claude, he's all I have besides Kitty."

"Oh don't worry about that," Jason laughed again as they stopped in front of the door that was to be Tom and Kitty's room. "Anita is learning to share, slowly but surely. She actually let Asher in on the action a little while ago, and I'm Jean's pomme de sang." He pushed the door open and gestured for Tom to go ahead of him, "it's just a matter of getting used to her is all." He shoved his hands into the pockets of the black dickies that hung low on his hips and grinned foolishly at Tom. You'll like it here. There's always something happening, no lack of excitement.

"Would you like to come in?" Tom said stepping into the room. "I might have something that will fit you, I was working on it on the plane, I wasn't sure who it was going to be for. Perhaps it was you my muses were singing of." He smiles at the wolf nodding. "Excitement is good, as long as I have a place to hide and heal when I need it."

"The circus is a good place to hide out," Jason nodded as he accepted the invitation and stepped inside. He pulled his hands from his pockets and pushed up the sleeves of his red shirt. "But if you really want some place quiet you should go to Richard's. It's out in the country and it’s really just the pack who's ever there. It's nice when you need to depressurize. You need help unpacking?" Jason loved new people, if only because he loved new ears to wear out with his talking.

"Yes, if you please." Tom said putting the two bags down. There were boxes in here with the cloth. Most like about 15 boxes. He looked around and sighed. "Hopefully the Master of the last city I was in wont notice Kitty has left for a few days. I think he was falling in love with her." He shakes his head. "I like to hide, not always because there is danger but I find that it's relaxing to be hidden."

"Hiding can be good," Jason said as he began to lift boxes out and set them in the large closet. Jean had chosen this room for Tom obviously with the knowledge that he'd have lots of need for closet space. Jean always thought of things like that. "I'm not much of a hider myself though. I work in one of Jean Claude's clubs. So...not much of an introvert." He laughed and it sounded bright in the comfortable room. "Tell me about Kitty?"

Tom knew what club this one most liked worked. "Kitty? She is a flirt; we are like two sides of a coin really. My twin and I." he said as he opened his carry on and went about looking for dark blue velvet shirt. Once it was in his hands he looks at Jason then laid it felt upon the bed. "She is a very wild person when it comes to parting. She will most likely show up at all of Jean Claude's clubs. She seems wicked but is a very nice person, at least to those she loves or likes. Kitty is very protective of family, we both are...The most important thing I guess to know about Kitty is that she flirts with everyone." He moved then towards Jason holding the shirt up.

"It might be a bit tight. But with those slacks it will go," then he did something that made it look like he would tear the shirt, he pulled it apart .Velcro sounded in the room. "It might work for your dancing as well. The girls would not hear it over the music, thus you can tear your shirt off and still have it later."

Jason smiled happily and tugged his long sleeved shirt over his head to try the new one on. "Man a present already? We're going to get along just fine Tom." His voice was muffled as he pulled the blue velvet over his head. "So Kitty huh? Sounds hot. When's she get here?" She really did sound like fun, sounded like Jason, actually, when he thought about it. He wiggled the shirt down and spread his arms, asking wordlessly for Tom's opinion.

Tom smoothed his hand down Jason's arm, looking at him. "Its nice, it works very well." He smiles. "You are family, you will get gifts. I now know your size, now I can make you all kinds of lovely things. Hm, Kitty will appear when she can make an entrance." It wasn't a lie. She would appear when she could have many sets of eyes upon her. "Tell me more of you." He said a bit like he was begging. He wanted to know as much as he could about Jason.

"Me?" Jason went back to putting boxes away. The shirt was great, easy to move in and he knew, after many years with Jean Claude, that this shade of blue made his eyes so bright it was almost startling. "I strip, but you figured that out. I'm part of the Thronnoes Rokke clan. Richard is my Ulfric, but he's a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day." He shook his head and sent an amused look to Tom, "the man's seriously nuts, but I love him."

"Richard." He nodded putting the name to memory. He leaned in close to Jason and smiled. "And what of the other people who live around here? The other dancers?"

"Nathaniel..." Jason's light mood dimmed a little at the mention of the leopard. "He's another dancer. You'll like him. He's quiet and a great cook. He lives with Anita, the kid's absolutely obsessed with her."

"This Nathaniel is unwell?" he asked noting the way Jason seemed to change. "Obsessed?" Why would they obsesses over this woman. Tom would find out as soon as he could. "Come sit with me; tell me everything perhaps I can help. I don't like the sadness in your eyes." He pats the other's hand. He was more talkative then had been for the past few nights. Perhaps coming home was a good idea.

"There was this..." Jason searched for the right word with some difficulty. "Vampire...although calling him that is an insult to Asher and Jean Claude. Monster. He was a monster. His name was Alec and he kidnapped Nate. Hurt him really badly, nearly killed him." Jason sat and his hand, resting on his thigh, clenched into a fist. "But he'll be alright."

"But you still fear for him, this Alec is dead? Yes, Papa, would not allow such a beast to live in his city." He nodded not noticing that he yet again called Jean Claude by something other then his name. Tom rubs his hand along Jason's arm trying to relax him. He could feel how tense the other was. Perhaps Kitty would be a better bet. "Jason I would like to share something with you, but it must be kept a secret, can you do this?"

Jason looked up in surprise, but nodded eagerly. He was actually quite good at keeping secrets, much to Anita’s skeptical disbelief. Jason knew he seemed like a loud mouth, but if some one asked him to keep something private, it would take a great deal to get it out of him. Besides, he loved secrets.

"Do you recall how I spoke of Kitty? I said we were twins I believe?" He said leaned away, "That was a bit of lie, because well. Kitty and I share the same body. I'll need someone's help, because of Anita. Perhaps if you would be willing to help me? You see, we don't believe she'd be able to handle the fact that I have more female side as well." He takes the wolf's hand. "Would you like to met her, to met Kitty. She is far better at unpacking then I am. I tend to get lost in all of the colors and cloths. "He smiles at the wolf. Really, their ages weren't that far apart. Tom had only been a vampire for a few years now.

Jason's eyes went a little wide. "I'm not sure I understand...are you transgender or...what?" He was completely comfortable with the idea though. Besides, Kitty had sounded like fun when Tom described her. He could understand his worry about Anita, although he didn't think Anita would actively dislike this new fact about Tom. It would just make her uncomfortable and then she'd be all weird about it.

"Its more like...er, well, Kitty is." Tom blushed as he tired to look for answers in his head. "Sometimes…things get hard, they did before Jean Claude turned me. Kitty was always in the back of my mind. I lived on the streets for a very long time...but I wasn't strong enough to do it by myself...and er, considering what I was doing to keep myself alive. I was around a lot of interesting people...and well, Kitty just came out one day. She still has all of my bits when she is here... but everything else seems female about her," he sighed and looked away, "M.P.D... I'm trying to get better...but that would mean no more Kitty…" He whispered.

"Why would you want to get better?" Jason frowned at the words and touched Tom's shoulder. "I mean...it's just you, isn't it? It's not something you need to fix." He sent him what he hoped was a reassuring smile. "I'd love to meet her Tom."

Tom cheered inside. "Oh, some people think it's wrong to have more then one person in your head." He leaned over and gave Jason a kiss on his cheek. "Alright then, do you know anything about a corset? Its been a whiles sense I had anyone to help me tie her in. I need to change clothing." He took the other's hand as he closed his eyes. "Yes, we do need to change into something better." It was a young woman's voice, not the soft male voice that was speaking just moments before. Kitty stepped back and tilted her head looking at Jason with playful eyes. That was the first thing that was different. But also the way 'she' held herself. She didn't seem as shy or submissive as her other half. "Hello, I'm Kitty."

Jason's eyes went a little wide as the person in front of him literally transformed. It wasn't as though his body actually shifted, like Jason's did when he changed, but the person who was standing in front of him was definitely not a man anymore. "Hi," he said softly.

Kitty smirked a little bit, "You are cute." She moved past him towards one of the carry ons, "Tell me lovely, what is this place like are there good clubs? " Her sent was changed as well, just slightly. It was a whole another person Kitty leaned forward and took out a black corset and rest of what would appear to be female under clothing. Then she removed a silk black dress. "No, this is a bit to vampy, isn't it?" She laughed and pulled out a pink silk top and a dark blue skirt. "Maybe," she said shorting through the clothing. She pulled out a black shirt putting it with the top.

"Yeah, the clubs are great. Jean Claude has a few and they're the best by far." Jason watched her move with great interest. She would be a great dancer, he decided, she moved gracefully, like her name sake, not making a sound as she searched through the clothing. "I work at one of them, Guilty Pleasures."

"Oh, I remember that one. Jean Claude had that one before." She said as she started to undress, she removed Tom's simple t-shirt top then started to under his jeans. She stopped, "You are a wolf, pet, you don't mind me getting undressed do you? I know sometimes it bothers people, but honestly I can't really be bothered by being shy. I leave that silliness to Thomas." She waited for his answer, "So you dance yes? Or do you work behind the bar? You do have the body of a dancer."

Jason shrugged in response to her first question and sank down onto the bed. He tucked one leg up under himself as he watched her dress unapologetically. "I dance, have for a couple years now. I'm Jean-Claude's pomme de sang." He wondered if he needed to tell her that, since he'd already told Tom. But he assumed that since she'd asked about the clubs, than telling Tom something didn't necessarily mean Kitty heard it too.

"You are very lucky then. Before he decided to turn us, I was going to offer myself to him." She slipped the slacks off her body, Tom wore nothing them. Tom wasn't one for clothing he merely made them for other people. Kitty pulls her under wear on. "He is a very caring man." She moved and picked up her corset moving over to Jason, “Do you know how to tie a corset?" she slipped it on around herself doing up the buttons in the front.

He laughed quietly and nodded, beginning to do up the stays with well practiced eased. "I work in a strip club sweetie," he pressed a light kiss to her bare shoulder when he finished, "I've had a lot of experience with corsets."

"I'll have to remember that… I do enjoy watching men dance around." She liked the kiss, liked this touch. He was so warm. It was his life; he had no fear of it. Good, there was too much sadness in the last city that made her feel lost. "I like you Jason." She pulled away and finished dressing, the shirt then the black skirt. She grabbed another bag that had her make up. "Are you going to be free tonight? I know there isn't much night left now."

"I would love to take you out on the town." Jason smiled and pushed off the couch. He gave her a short, silly sort of bow gestured to the door. "I'm afraid I have to go catch up on some sleep now, but next sundown, I'm all yours."

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